Retreat Kitchen Richmond

Vegan Brunch at The Retreat Kitchen in London

The Retreat Kitchen has been on my “must visit”  list since it opened its doors in February 2017. Just after its first birthday, I finally made it there. It was worth the wait.

With an entirely plant-based menu, this friendly cafe in south-west London’s Richmond, is the perfect little place to grab brunch, lunch, or vegan coffee and cake. The daily selection of home-made cakes and sweet treats all look divine.

Retreat Kitchen Lemon Balls

As I waited for my friend to join me, I ordered an oat milk latte (recommended by the barista over my usual almond milk) and a mini cinnamon swirl. Given we were meeting for brunch, the pastry was entirely unnecessary but it was too adorable to resist.

Retreat Kitchen Cinnamon Swirl and Coffee

Once my friend arrived, we grabbed some juices to start – Orchard Apple & Ginger for my friend and Strawberry, Apple, Lemon & Mint for me. Admittedly, I didn’t read the menu properly and assumed these would be freshly squeezed juices. So when the bottles of PRESS arrived, they seemed a little overpriced at £4 each. Thank goodness they were delicious!

Retreat Kitchen Press Juices

When it came to ordering meals, the choice was ridiculously difficult! Chickpea omelettes, breakfast muffins, smashed avocado toast (obviously), sausage sandwiches, berry pancakes… it all sounded a-maz-ing.

After much deliberation, I ended up going for the Tofu Breakfast Wrap with a side of avocado. The wrap was filled with scrambled tofu, sautéed potato slices, baby spinach and chipotle chilli flakes. It was seriously good with just the right amount of bite.

I expected the avocado side to just be some sliced avocado but it was actually more like home-made guacamole. So, so good and perfect with the spicy wrap.

Retreat Kitchen Vegan Tofu Breakfast Burrito

My friend decided on the Brunch Plate, which looked equally tasty with scrambled tofu, smokey beans, a hash brown, vegan sausage, grilled tomato, and sourdough bread.

Retreat Ktchen Vegan Full English

At £9 per meal, it wasn’t exactly cheap but it was so worth it for decent servings of delicious and largely home-made food. Plus, it is Richmond we’re talking so it was never going to be a complete bargain.

After my wrap, juice, coffee and cheeky cinnamon swirl, I practically rolled out of there. If only I’d saved room for cake…

Retreat Kitchen Table and Vase

Have you been to The Retreat Kitchen? What did you think?

The Retreat Kitchen - vegan cafe in Richmond, London


32 thoughts on “Vegan Brunch at The Retreat Kitchen in London

  1. I just had a look at the menu on their website and am drooling! I can only dream of having a choice like that anywhere near me! I think that was worth 9 pounds, and I hope they continue to do good business. Thanks for the peek at your brunch! :)

  2. Food looks so delicious! I am living near London so I am writing this place down, and I will definitely go there! Thank you for recommendation :)

  3. I have heard that the London food scene is insane and worth the visit. I always wanted to take a food tour in different countries and this is one I would definitely stop at! London in on my bucket list and I love your food recommendations for healthy places. Thank you!!

  4. This all looks so delicious! I’ve never had oat milk – it’s amazing how many non-dairy options we have now!

  5. I’ll be visiting London with my best friend and both of us are vegan-ish/vegetarians and I have been researching places in London that we can eat at while we’re there. I’ll definitely have to put this on my list to look deeper into.

    Great post! x


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