Just V Show 2016

Veggie Events: Just V Show 2016

London Olympia was recently host to the annual Just V Show, held over the weekend from 8th-10th July. 

Co-locating with both the Allergy & Free From Show and the Love Natural Love You Show, the pavilion was filled with tonnes of veggie-friendly, dairy free, gluten-free and organic goodies.

Now, the Number One Rule of photographing an event is check that your camera battery is charged. Pass! The Number Two Rule of photographing an event is check that a memory card is in your camera. Fail.

So please forgive my dodgy iPhone photos. I’m an idjit.

Naturally, I headed straight for the Just V show on the pink carpet to start my day. I worked my way through rows of stores, trying samples, collecting goody bags and making the (not so) occasional purchase.

Veggie favourite Linda McCartney Foods were there, though sadly they’d sold out of most of their goods. I grabbed two boxes of sausages for £2 (bargain!) before they too disappeared.

I was super-curious to try vegan eggs but I forgot to go back and grab a carton, which makes me a little sad. Next time!

I did, however, remember to grab something from baked goods goddess Ms Cupcake! Though super-tempted by some of the naughtier treats at the stand but in the end, went for the “healthier” option of the oatmeal raisin cookie. It was still ridiculously delicious.

Many of the stalls in the green-carpeted Allergy & Free From show were also veggie or vegan friendly, such as Good bars, Nakd bars and Rebel Kitchen. All delicious, I grabbed something from each of them!

Just V Show (17)

Rebel Kitchen – makers of tasty flavoured coconut “mylks” – have recently released their own coconut water and coconut yogurt ranges. Sadly, as coconut yogurt it so delicious it was all sold out but I did bag some coconut water and a few mylks.

I normally stick to food or beauty-related items at these shows but there was a huge stand by EcoZone who specialise in eco-friendly cleaning and home-care products. I’m always on the lookout for cruelty-free cleaning brands so I grabbed some washing tablets and washing machine cleaner both boasting a host of “friendly” labels including Vegan Society Approved and Certified Cruelty-Free. What’s more, their range is largely un-scented so great for sensitive skin types and allergy sufferers.

Just V Show (26)

There were goodie bags and samples galore, so I came away laden with treats. Here’s my final haul, around half of which was free! Score!

Just V Show (3)

FREE tickets are already available for the Just V Show 2017 here. Woohoo!

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  1. If you’re after eco friendly cleaning produts I recommend eco balls for your laundry. They are around £20 and each box contains 3 balls. Pop them all in your washing machine and don’t wash any higher than 30 degrees and these will last for 1000 washes. They also come with refills and a stain remover. Really great stuff!X

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