The Beautiful Scenery of Kew Gardens in London

It’s been around nine months since I visited the Kew Gardens but as we’re heading into spring again, I thought I’d go ahead and post some pretty pictures of flowers and birds and bees and all those spring things to welcome the forthcoming season.


I’d been meaning to go to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew (aka Kew Gardens) for some time but it took my mum visiting all the way from Australia and a gloriously sunny May day for me to finally get there.

The grounds are absolutely huge, so you do need a good few hours (at least) to explore. As it’s almost impossible to cover the whole garden in one post, I’ve put together a gallery of my favourite areas.

The Palm House

Just inside the Victoria Gate entrance is The Palm House – a huge, tropical greenhouse. It is surrounded by a Parterre – a geometric pattern of garden beds, which sadly were not in full bloom when we were there. However, the inside of the greenhouse filled with colourful and unique plants did not disappoint.

The greenhouse is right opposite small lake, which is home to Kew’s resident geese and ducks.

Waterlily House

The nearby Waterlily House was one of my favourite places in the grounds. The humid greenhouse features a large pond filled with a colourful variety of lilies and massive lily pads that could have supported a small human! It’s a really serene place and in full bloom, it’s absolutely stunning.

Kew Palace and the Royal Kitchens

The Royal Kitchens -right by Kew Palace – feature a small, walled vegetable garden. The garden is lined with borders of colourful English plants and flowers, which attracted the local bumble bees.

The Treetop Walkway

In the middle of the grounds’ arboretum, there is an 18 metre high Treetop Walkway. It may not be the prettiest part of the gardens but it gives visitors giving you amazing views of the gardens and across South West London.

Japanese Landscape

A stark contrast to most of the other gardens is the beautiful Japanese Landscape. With peaceful water features, super-tempting-to-walk-on raked gravel gardens, and neatly-manicured shrubs and hedges, it really feels worlds away from the rest of the gardens.

Right next to the Japanese Gardens is the Chinese Pagoda. Though it’s not technically part of this section, I wanted to include it as it’s a beautiful building surrounded by greenery.

The Lake and Sackler Crossing

The large lake in the middle of the gardens was teeming with wildlife. Ducks, geese, swans and coons (yes, I googled that one) were all swimming, nesting or hanging out by the lake. The bridge running across the middle of the lake not only allows you great views but it makes accessing the far ends of the gardens much easier.

Davies Alpine and Rock Garden

This is another area that provides a rather stark contrast to the majority of the gardens. Featuring plants from mountain regions all over the world (including a teensy Australian section!) the Alpine rock gardens may not be as vibrant and “pretty” as others  but it’s beautifully constructed and one of the more botanically diverse areas.

If you’re looking for a day out in London where you can be surrounded by nature, I highly recommend Kew Gardens. At just £12.50 for adults and children 16-and-under getting free entry, it’s hardly going to break the bank either.

I’d love to see the gardens in different seasons so I may head back in summer or autumn this year.

Kew Gardens London

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24 thoughts on “The Beautiful Scenery of Kew Gardens in London

  1. Some really lovely photos. I went to Kew a few years ago In Autumn and again recently to see the Orchids Festival which I’ve just posted about. I really want to go back again and see the giant waterlilies and rose garden.

    1. Thanks so much! I always thought it was more expensive too but really reasonable seeing as you could honestly spend an entire day there! The most expensive part was the gift shop afterwards… oops! ;-)

      Also, totally a unicorn! I think he was hanging out with a griffin too! :D

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