Veggie Events: Just V Show 2015

From Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th July, the Just V Show (formerly V Delicious) set up camp in London Olympia (and yes, I am a little late on posting this one). Teaming up with both the Allergy & Free From Show and the Love Natural Love Organic Show it was an exhibition hall bursting with great food, drink, beauty and lifestyle goodies.

Just V 2015

This year I dragged along invited an omnivorous friend. It was nice to have someone with me who had a different perspective on food and I got a little excited introducing her to some of my favourite brands and products. We spent most of our day in the Just V show but also wandered the other two sections as there were many cross-over brands in the other two shows – Goody Good Stuff, Rude Health and Ms Cupcake to name a few. Given my fragile state, my friend definitely ended up sampling more treats than I did but I still managed to stock up on plenty of goodies.

I started off my day with a watermelon, pineapple, coconut water and lime juice from Cocoface to attempt to cure the hangover. It may not have been the miracle cure that I was hoping for but it was delicious and I must say, I did perk up a tad after downing it.

Hangover Juice

Feeling a little more myself, we wandered the stalls sampling everything from coconut bacon (friend’s verdict: delicious; my verdict: gross) to lingonberry powder to natural bug sprays and perfumes.

My favourite moment of the day came when visiting the Ms Cupcake stall. As I was deciding between a giant cookie, an amazingly decorative cupcake, or a fruity so-I-can-pretend-it’s-healthy muffin, a woman came up to Ms Cupcake to proclaim herself a massive fan. Nothing out of the ordinary there but then she started explaining how her little girl was allergic to a huge array of foods including dairy and eggs but all she wanted was to be able to eat pretty cupcakes on her birthday like her friends. Ms Cupcake’s allergy-friendly vegan party treats had been a lifesaver for this lovely lady and by the end of their chat, there were tears and hugs all round. It was such a sweet story and such a lovely moment that I am so happy I got to witness.

Just V Show Ms Cupcake 3It’s not just the food that I love about these events. It’s also the experience of feeling like I am in a room full of like-minded people. I love my friends but I don’t have many who share my dietary choices, my opinions on animals for entertainment or fashion, or my excitement over vegan cupcakes. I may never have been teary-eyed over meeting a superstar of vegan baking but I have definitely felt the overwhelming excitement of being near people and companies that I worship at these events.

I didn’t take as many photos as clear-headed Sarah would have but here’s a few more snaps of the event.

Just V - Vegan Society

Just V Show 2

Just V Show Kitchen

Just V Show Kitchen 2

Just V Show - Gazpacho

Just V Show Rebel Kitchen

And finally, here’s my haul including treats from The Vegan Society, Goody Good Stuff, nakd, Secret Sausages, Smooze and more! Aside from the wobbly start. it was a pretty successful day at the show. My friend even found herself buying a vegan cookbook and veggie sausages so maybe she’s coming over to the dark side…

Just V Show Haul 2015

Oh, and I went for the muffin…

Just V Show Ms Cupcake 2


5 thoughts on “Veggie Events: Just V Show 2015

  1. Oh wow, it looks amazing! We don’t have any vegan exhibitions or shows in South Africa :( but there are rumors of one launching next year. Holding thumbs!

    1. London is great for veggie food shows! Vegfest is even bigger and better (sorry Just V) – I went to the Brighton one earlier this year and looking forward to London Vegfest in October! :)

      Hopefully the rest of the world will catch up soon and you can enjoy veggie festivals too! :)

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