Where to Find Good Vegetarian Food in Bruges

Bruges is an absolutely beautiful city – chilly, drizzly weather and all. In fact, the weather gave a certain moodiness to the city; it looked amazing with the skyline disappearing into thick mist and cobbled streets slick and shiny from the rain.

Bruges from Above

The Christmas Markets added to the wintry atmosphere with wooden huts lining the streets, the scent of mulled wine filling the air and fairy lights twinkling through the night.

Bruges is a city full of stunning architecture, beautiful canals and quaint chocolate shops.

Bruges Main Square Night

It is not, however, a city full of vegetarian cuisine…

It is always a shame to not be able to sample the local cuisine but I do like to use it as an excuse to try as many vegetarian restaurants across the globe as possible.

My travel buddy and I relied on our usual travel food bible Happy Cow to find somewhere to eat on the first night. It didn’t start too well… After attempting to have dinner at Bruges’ only vegetarian restaurant, De Bron, we discovered it was closed in the evenings (in fairness, it did say this on the Happy Cow page, we just didn’t pay attention).

Out of desperation, we headed back towards our hotel and settled on a pretty safe option: burgers. Ellis is a gourmet burger chain reminiscent of the UK’s Byron or (a slightly more upmarket) GBK.

Ellis Burger Bruges

They had two vegetarian burgers on their menu – the Portobello and the Soy Classic (also available as Soy & Cheese). I went for the Portobello burger sans mayo. It was nice enough but pretty stingy on the fillings aside from the mushroom.

Ellis Burger Bruges (2)

You can’t have a burger without sides so we also shared some French fries and onion rings, which were delicious because they were French fries and onion rings.

Prices were pretty standard with the burgers for €9.50 and sides at €3.50 each.

The following day we headed back to the now open De Bron for lunch.

De Bron Restaurant Bruges

De Bron is the only vegetarian restaurant in Bruges. They offer soup and a single dish of the day, which is available in three sizes. We both ordered medium.

Unfortunately, the best I can describe the meal as is food on a plate.

De Bron Bruges Plate

It was a strange mix of rather bland hot and cold dishes, some of which really didn’t feel like they belonged together on a plate. Beetroot salad with (what I think was) steamed leeks and rice? It was a bit like someone else had filled up my plate at a buffet. I’m not a fan of cooked carrots or peas and I can’t stand noodles hot, let alone cold so they were all left behind. The rest of the food was… fine. Not good, not bad; just fine.

The restaurant – which was much bigger inside that anticipated – was packed the whole time we were there so perhaps I’m in the minority with my opinion on this one but I just don’t think it’s doing the image of vegetarian cuisine any favours.

At €11.50 for a medium plate it didn’t break the bank but it wasn’t exactly cheap for what it was.

Later that day we headed to an adorable little tea room claiming itself as “The place to be to drink the best hot chocolate”. We couldn’t let a claim like that go untested.


Fortunately, The Old Chocolate House did not disappoint. At the top of a rickety old staircase above the cute street-facing chocolate shop are the lovely tea rooms. From the choice of milk, dark or white hot chocolate, we both went for milk. We were then presented with a bowl-sized mug of steaming milk and little chocolate-filled chocolate pots!

The Old Chocolate House Bruges

You are given a little whisk and you can choose to drop the entire pot of chocolate in to your mug or slowly build up the richness with the chocolate drops. I used about half a pot of chocolate… and ate the rest! It was honestly the biggest hot chocolate I have ever seen. And no, I didn’t finish it.

Hot Chocolate - The Old Chocolate House Bruges

Because we were in Belgium and it seemed rude not to, my friend got a waffle with strawberry jam as well. It was also on the massive side and it was sufficiently waffle-y.

The Old Chocolate House Bruges Waffle

Bruges is known not only for its waffles (and beer) but also for its hand-crafted chocolates. There are streets teeming with chocolate shops and plenty more solo chocolatiers dotted throughout the city.

I lost count of how many we went into, mostly just to look at the beautiful displays.

Bruges Truffles

Bruges Christmas Chocolates

Bruges Chocolate Snowman

Bruges Christmas Chocolate Window

Bruges Christmas Chocolate Display

Bruges Christmas Chocolate Display 3
But my favourite store had to be this small, family-owned chocolatier, Dumon. It was just too cute and the family who owned it were so sweet and friendly.

Bruges Chocolateir Dumon

And finally, here are a few of my favourite non-food-related photos from the trip.

Bruges StreetBruges Main Square

Bruges Canal

Bruges River

Bruges Canal

Have you been to Bruges? Leave your tips below!


10 thoughts on “Where to Find Good Vegetarian Food in Bruges

  1. I plan on visiting Bruges, quite disappointed to hear the vegetarian food isn’t great! Still, all that chocolate…

    1. In fairness to Bruges, I was only there for a few days so I’m sure there’s plenty more to discover. Just so disappointing that I didn’t like the one vegetarian restaurant in the city…

      Enjoy Bruges when you go! :)

    1. Haha! The guy in the tea rooms told us to do that! I only put half the chocolate in but it was still delicious.

      Thanks for the link. Too bad I didn’t find it before I went but still a great blog and definitely keep it in mind if I go back! :)

  2. Great to read your impressions of Bruges! Lunch at De Bron is indeed no haute cuisine (more old school macrobiotic style), mostly organic and fresh though, and pretty cheap considering prices in touristic Bruges!
    Luckily, there are plenty other more options in Bruges, as you can find on our blog ;-)

    1. I think De Bron just wasn’t my kind of food. It wasn’t that it was bad, I just didn’t particularly enjoy it.

      I’d love to go back and try out some of the places listed on your blog! You’re lucky to live in such a beautiful city! :)

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