Veggie Events: V Delicious Show 2014

On Saturday, a friend and I headed back to the V Delicious show at Kensington Olympia. With free entry for pre-booked tickets, it left our wallets nice and full to buy all of the things!

V Delicious 2014 Haul
Our V Delicious Haul

Like last year, V Delicious was held in conjunction with a few other speciality shows: The Allergy & Free From Show, Love Natural Love Organic, and The Back Pain Show.

I’m not gonna lie; we didn’t visit the The Back Pain Show. But we did snoop around the other shows (all under the one roof) and particularly enjoyed the Allergy & Free From show as there was a lot of cross-over with vegan/vegetarian brands I love including Nākd Wholefoods, Goody Good Stuff and Biona.

There were several demo stages and enough interesting stalls to kill several hours!

V Delicious - Demo
V Delicious Partner Demo Stand
V Delicious - Vegan Society
The Vegan Society
V Delicious - Vegetarian Society
The Vegetarian Society

Here’s a quick round-up of everything I bought from various vendors:

The Vegan Society

Vegan Society Haul

The Vegan Society had a great stall with an even bigger range of cookbooks than last year! They were all at bargain prices and after careful deliberation I picked up Vegan & Gluten-Free Baking from Parragon Books for just £5 (RRP £14.99)! Even better, for anyone who spent £5 or more, they were giving away a Vegan Society tote bag full of samples and vouchers. Hooray!

Better Living Books

Vegan Diner and Salad Samurai

Better Living Books also had a great range of books so I took a million years to make up my mind about which ones to buy. With paperbacks at £10 each or two for £15, obviously I had to get two!

I settled on Salad Samurai by Terry Hope Romero and Vegan Diner by Julie Hasson. I was instantly drawn to the cover design of Salad Samurai and I knew the brand new book by Terry Hope Romero (author of Vegan Eats World and co-author of Veganomicon) would be amazing! Vegan Diner is full of American-style comfort food so is something a little different to add to my shelf. Both books are full of gorgeous photography and I can’t wait to get cooking and creating!

Nākd Wholefoods

Nakd BarsIt wouldn’t be a food festival without me bringing home a bag full of Nākd bars, one of my favourite work snacks! They were just £8 for 18 bars (plus the couple of extras they threw in for free) and with so many flavours to mix-and-match, it was a great deal. I’m set for the next few weeks now!

Vegan Tuck Box

Vegan Tuck Box

Vegan Tuck Box is a snack and treat subscription service but they also have an online store selling a huge range of products individually. With vegan products sourced from all over the world, you will find hard-to-get items like the amazing-looking German ‘schakalode’ from Vantastic Foods.

As they sold Vego bars, we ended up in a great discussion with the stall rep about the Berlin restaurant by the same name and all the amazing Vegan places to eat in the German capital; I think I’m going to have to take a trip back to try out all the places we didn’t make it to when we went earlier this year!


Biona Coconut Oil

Not super-exciting but at just £4 for a jar of Biona coconut oil instead of £6+ it would be rude not to!

Secret Sausages

Secret Sausage

We discovered Secret Sausages at the same event last year; they’re vegetarian sausages packed full of ‘secret’ veggies. Most products in the range contain egg but this year, especially for V Delicious they adapted the Chilli and Coriander sausage so that they were vegan-friendly. Can’t wait to try these ones!

Overall, we came away with a pretty good haul. Like last year, we wished that there were more places selling ready-to-eat goods and street food rather than just packaged products but at least my pantry and freezer are now well-stocked!


17 thoughts on “Veggie Events: V Delicious Show 2014

    1. I think the whole V Delicious show was smaller than the others, but then there were quite a few vegan and vegan-friendly brands (like nakd, Biona, Coyo, Chi…) in both the Allergy and Organic shows as well. I guess they had to decide which show they exhibited in?

      It’s definitely no-where near the scale of Vegfest, though which is akin to Food Heaven! Unfortunately, I recently realised that I will be in Australia during Vegfest London and I’m quite sulky about it. :(

  1. Oh I had no idea that Secret Sausages had made one of their flavours vegan! I’ll have to see if my local health food store carries the vegan update, as I have previously just turned my nose up at them! Looks like you got some great bargains :)

    1. Yeah, they were really good! I know they changed the chilli sausages recipe just before the show but they’re website still shows them as veggie, not vegan so not sure if it’s a permanent change. Feels a bit pointless not to be!

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