Vegan Events: Vegfest London 2013

EI’d been looking forward to Vegfest London ever since I unpacked my bags when I got home from Vegfest Brighton in March this year.

At just £5 a ticket (you could buy the £10 tickets at 2-for-1 up until just days before the event), it’s a must-do exhibition for any vegan, vegetarian or open-minded food enthusiast.

Vegfest UK London
The Entrance Hall

There were over 150 stalls full of 100% animal-free goodies from food to cosmetics to shoes to household cleaning products to pet food! As the vegan lifestyle often goes hand-in-hand with the Earth-friendly attitude, there were plenty of stalls selling biodegradable, recycled and organic products.

All the big vegan names were there; Ms Cupcake was selling her insane cupcakes and signing cookbook after cookbook like a boss;  and The Mighty Fork had a mighty queue (too easy!) all day, one which we were more than happy to stand in for 40 minutes ourselves because this was our delicious reward…

Mighty Fork
I can see why someone came up and asked us where The Mighty Fork was whilst we ate…
Mighty Fork 2
Brew Dog and Yasai

The event featured various talks, demos and seminars all weekend but with the excitement of sampling and testing and shopping, we didn’t make it to any this time.

We did, however, get swept up in the demo of the Omniblend blender… and end up taking one home! At around £250 a pop, the Omniblend, though still not cheap, is known as the Vitamix for those who can’t afford a Vitamix… like me. This magical little machine can make ice cream in 30 seconds and make and blend and heat soup in 5 minutes! £250 is still a lot of money for me to part with, so I went back to the stall three times before finally deciding I couldn’t leave the event without one. (So far I have successfully made both vegan frozen yoghurt and soup.)

Here’s a few more of the stalls at the event:

Making soup and ice cream in an Omniblend
Bio Cleaning Products
Vegan Faces Make-Up
Vegan Faces Make-Up
Nakd Bars
Nakd Bars – Still my favourite desk snack!
Goody Good Stuff
Goody Good Stuff
Cool Chile Co.
Vegetarian London
Vegan Dog Treats
Why wouldn't you have a life-size cut-out of Avril Lavigne?
Why wouldn’t you have a life-size cut-out of Avril Lavigne? And be really excited by it…

After several hours of some serious eating and shopping, we took home a pretty good haul!

Vegfest London Haul
Dog not included.

Here’s some of my favourite bits and pieces:

Panjaban Curry Sauces – Yes, even the Butter Chicken is vegan!
Nakd Bars
Nakd Bars – Still my favourite desk snack.
Cool Chile Co
Cool Chile Co
Bio Cleaning
Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products
Cruelty-Free Make-Up; BWC Cream Concealer, Lavera Bio Organic Mineral Powder and Vegan Faces Organic Avocado Lipstick
Omniblend - My new baby!
Omniblend – My new baby!

Vegfest is held in three UK cities each year so if you didn’t make it to any events this time around, I highly recommend marking your calender for 2014! The event will be in Brighton in March, Bristol in May and London in October 2014. We made it to two of the three this year, so perhaps next year we can up our game and make the trifecta! Keep an eye on the website for ticket pre-sales.


14 thoughts on “Vegan Events: Vegfest London 2013

  1. This is very cool! I attended the Taste of London in 2012, which was spectacular. I could not imagine the amazing food and products they had at Vegfest! Very jealous but looks like you had a great time.

      1. Haha, I love it!

        Vegfest was amazing and so full of delicious foods. I wanted to go to Taste of London this year but couldn’t make it but think I’ll lock it in for next year!

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