Review: e.l.f. Cosmetics – Kind to Animals and Kind to Your Wallet!

My obsession with e.l.f. started when I was looking for a red lipstick to wear to a Blitz Party that I was going to with my housemates…

I’m not usually a lipstick wearer (I’m more of a tinted lip balm/occasional neutral lip gloss kind of girl) but on the rare occasion that I do wear it;  dress up parties, Christmas parties and the like, I know it is really hard to find shades or red or pink that do not contain Carmine/Cochineal (aka crushed beetles). It’s also hard to find brands that do not test on animals.

Enter e.l.f. Cosmetics.

e.l.f. (aka eyes lips face) is an online cosmetics company that does not test on animals, nor use animal-derived ingredients in their products. Hooray! And don’t worry, you won’t have to shell out big for this stuff. In fact, I can’t get over how ridiculously cheap it all is, at as little as £1.50 for lipstick or mascara! Yes, please!

So far, I have tries eyes and lips only. I bought a few different items on my first purchase and they arrived quickly and well packaged in a cute little zip-lock bag. Here’s my stash:

e.l.f. Cosmetics

Can you believe that I got all of this for just over £15? That’s almost what I usually spend on mascara alone! Given that some of the products were ridiculously cheap, I was sceptical. But I can honestly say, the products were just as good as anything 2-3 times the price.

Lip Stain – Red Carpet

e.l.f. Lip Stain

The colour on this lip stain was gorgeous, though it is quite bold so definitely more of a night-time look for me. The stain lasted several hours and didn’t smudge, it just gradually faded. I was disappointed as thought the point of a stain was for it not to wear off until you remove it yourself (or at least last a full night out), however if you use it as a coloured gloss, it does the trick. I personally preferred the matte look, though the clear gloss made it stand out more.

Plumping Lip Glaze – Ruby Kiss

e.l.f. Lip Gloss

Like most plumping glosses, this product tingled a little when applied though not as much as others I’ve tried. The clear plumping side smells slightly minty and feels cool when applied. Other products I’ve used have given my lips more of a pronounced plump but this still gave them a little boost. The colour was brighter than anticipated (it looks more rosy or dusky red on the e.l.f. website but is definitely a bright crimson-red) so again, more for night-time for me but I may invest in a more neutral shade for everyday wear. At only £1.50, I may just buy a few!

Mineral Lipstick – Rich Raspberry

e.l.f. lipstick

This is the product that I ended up going with for the Blitz Party. The colour is a little more demure than the gloss and stain and it’s more sheer than most lipsticks but for someone who is not a big lipstick wearer, this was a plus! The lipstick is soft and creamy and smelt much nicer than regular lipstick. It lasted several hours at a time so I only had to reapply it a few times throughout the night.

Waterproof Lengthen & Volumise Mascara – Black

e.l.f. Mascara

With a thin, straight applicator, this mascara is fantastic at lengthening and separating the lashes, though I wouldn’t say it’s particularly volumising.  I love it as an everyday mascara but for heavier application on nights out, I have been using it as an undercoat, or just using an alternative. The mascara tube is smaller than a lot of brands that I own but at a third of the price, it is still better value for money. Definitely a keeper!

Eyelid Primer – Pearl

e.l.f. Primer

I’ve never used an eyelid primer before but having always had trouble with massive creasing or fading of eye shadow, I thought I’d try it out. And I am a convert. The slightly creamy primer is easy to apply with the sponge-tipped applicator and it doesn’t flake or sprinkle as you apply it. The eyeshadow looked brighter than without primer and stayed on all night, without creasing or fading.

I have just placed my second order from e.l.f. including a foundation to try out some of their ‘face’ range and if it’s any good, it may just mean the end of high street brands for me. Max who?


13 thoughts on “Review: e.l.f. Cosmetics – Kind to Animals and Kind to Your Wallet!

  1. I just browsed through – and their selection and prices are incredible! I am also excited to see that the products I checked out do not contain any parabens either. So it’s a win, win for the animals and for us :)
    Thanks for sharing.

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