The Blog


More Than Greens began back in 2012 as a way to share my love of vegetarian food and to show the world that vegetarians don’t just live on “rabbit food”.

What started as a place to some post pretty basic recipes I whipped up, with the occasional restaurant review or foodie fact piece thrown into the mix, this blog has grown into a place where I want to share so much more than food.

Over the years, the phrase “More Than Greens” has taken on a whole new meaning for me. It is no longer solely about food; it is about the entire vegetarian lifestyle and everything it encompasses, which, for me, is far more than simply eating a meat-free diet.

From animal welfare and cruelty-free beauty, to nature exploration and travelling the world, and of course still a love for food, I want to share everything that matters to me as a vegetarian.

Writing this blog and becoming involved in the online vegetarian and vegan communities has opened my eyes to the whole lifestyle and – something I wasn’t anticipating – even changed the way I eat; I no longer eat eggs, I have significantly reduced my dairy intake, and I have wholeheartedly embraced vegan baking without ever looking back.

Although not something that I posted all that much about, there was definitely a shift in the content on the blog because of this; more and more vegan recipes and reviews appeared but not much was removed. This means that there may be more dairy-heavy or egg-based recipes in the archives but the majority of what I post now is vegan-friendly.

This blog has also ignited a passion for photography. Although I’m still very much developing my skills and knowledge, I have come a long way since the frankly appalling photography of my earlier posts. If you find yourself in the depths of the blog archive, please don’t judge too harshly!

Finally, although you may come across the odd opinion piece on this site, I practise but don’t preach vegetarianism. I just want to share what I love, and if that happens to open someone’s mind to the possibility of a meat-free or meat-reduced lifestyle along the way… well, that’s just a bonus!