Infuse My Colour Ruby bottle

Rose Brown Hair for Summer With Infuse My. Colour

I get bored of my hair pretty easily.

Over the years, I’ve had brown, red, black, and every shade of blonde hair. I went brunette again about 18 months ago, and tried out out a few different shades from red-brown to caramel to honey-brown. But eventually boredom kicked in again and I wanted a more drastic change. 

I turned to Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and came across a shade I’d not seen much of before: rose brown.


Rose brown is basically a brunette’s answer to the uber-popular rose gold hair trend. It seemed like the perfect summer shade for brown hair. I wanted in.

I booked an appointment with my hairdresser and was all set to come out with Pinterest-worthy hair. Unfortunately, my hair was too dark to go straight to the shade I wanted and I was told I’d have to book a longer appointment to get highlights put in first. Dammit. I settled for a deeper block-colour red instead, which was okay but I didn’t love it.

Then – by happy coincidence – the folks at My. Haircare got in touch to ask if I wanted to try out their Infuse My. Colour Wash. This colour-tinting shampoo is vegan-friendly, biodegradable and free from nasty stuff like sulphates, silicone and parabens. Basically, it sounded right up my street, so of course I accepted!

The shampoo comes in five colours – Ruby, Copper, Gold, Cobalt, and Platinum.

Infuse My Colour brand range
Image courtesy of My. Haircare

Naturally, I went with Ruby, which claimed to “maintain brightness of red, red-brown and burgundy hair” as well as “create striking pinks” on blonde hair. I was excited to see what difference, if any, it would make to my newly red hair and if it would add those rosy tones I was after.

My Colour Bottle

The first thing I noticed when trying out the shampoo is that it smells a-maz-ing. It has a really fruity fragrance without being too overpowering. I’m definitely a fan of fruity over floral, so it was perfect for me.

The shampoo comes out of the bottle in a metallic, blush-red that goes bright pink in the shower. The colour looks awesome but be warned, this stuff gets EVERYWHERE. It will not only turn your shower water hot pink (amazing) but if you’re not careful, you will end up with pink splashes all over shower tiles, curtains, and bath rims. It does wash off tiles, so just be sure to give your shower surfaces a good rinse immediately after use.

Also, make sure you secure the cap and rinse the bottle before putting it on any clean surfaces. Especially your white, wooden dining room table. I imagine that would be a bad idea…


Infuse My Colour Ruby bottle with spill

Mess aside, does it work?

In short, yes!

I did try to take all my before and after pictures in similar lighting, though with unpredictable British weather, that was easier said than done. However, I’ve done minimal editing on the pictures to try to show the colour results as accurately as possible.

Yes, I probably should have brushed my hair before taking the “before” shot, instead of just snapping a pic as soon as I got home! But hey, I’m not used to putting pics of myself on the blog. Live and learn and all that.

As this is a tinted shampoo not a hair dye, the result wasn’t such a dramatic one. However, it did give my hair more of the pink tones that I was looking for.

As a shampoo it works well, though I found I preferred to use my usual (colour-saving) shampoo first to remove product build up. I then did one or two washes with the Infuse shampoo, depending on how bright I wanted the end result.

Infuse My Colour Ruby shampoo bottle with product on hand

Though I still didn’t quite achieve the colour I was after, the shampoo definitely reduced fade. It also helped to keep the tone of my colour until my next appointment when I was finally able to get my hair dyed in that elusive rose brown.

This time, my hairdresser put some highlights through my hair so that the pink would come out in multiple shades, rather than one block colour. She kept my roots darker, then added lighter ends and sections. I was so happy with the results.

Rose Brown Hair

(Note: My hair tends to come out with an orange hue on camera. The photos are all as accurate as possible but I’d say my hair is more pink-red and less copper-orange in real life. The pink shows up best in the highlights.)

But alas, red shades seem to fade quicker than many dyed colours. After several washes, though the colour was holding quite well, my hair just wasn’t as vibrant as when it was freshly coloured. I started to use the Infuse My. Colour Wash again every few shampoos and the results were definitely noticeable.

Again, the change may not be as dramatic as if I re-dyed my hair but you can definitely see the rosey tones coming through more. The overall colour gets a nice boost and it looks fresher and brighter.

To really show the multi-tones, I plaited my hair for one of the before and afters. Excuse the messiness of the second plait but hopefully it shows the streaks of rose brown quite well.

At £14.95 for 250 ml, the shampoo is not a budget one but it isn’t outrageously expensive either. And it’s far cheaper than a salon appointment!

A little product goes a long way, so the bottle should last you for a fair few washes, depending on hair thickness and length, of course. I’ve been using the shampoo every two to three washes (or around once a week) for a couple of months now and it’s still going. My hair isn’t long but as you can probably tell from the plait, it’s pretty darn thick so I’m pleased with how long the bottle has lasted.

For now I’m just using the conditioner I already had, though I’d be interested to try the Infuse My. Colour Treat conditioner after shampooing to see if it helps extend colour life even more.


You can purchase the Infuse My. Colour range through My. Hair Care‘s official website, or from natural beauty specialists Love Lula.

I’m running low now, so will definitely be reinvesting in this shampoo for “between colour” washes. It’s not something I’ll use every wash but when I see that my hair is getting a bit dull, the shampoo will give my hair the perfect colour boost without having to fork out hundreds of pounds at a salon.


Would you try colour-changing shampoo?


17 thoughts on “Rose Brown Hair for Summer With Infuse My. Colour

  1. Loving the colours! My hair currently looks mega dead, so I think giving this all a go would be perfect for me.

    I also just found your blog and oh my god I am in love. Literally your blog is everything that I want mine to be. I’m officially a new reader <3 Have a great weekend :)

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

  2. I love the hair colour that you have and you can really tell the difference in the photos with using the shampoo! It also looks like a very natural red, Grest review x

  3. I’ve never dyed my hair so the idea of even having a dye that bright in my house is enough to freak me out a little. I wish I was a bit more brave with stuff like that. The end result looks amazing, it turned out such a beautiful colour. I have so many friends who have had the same struggle of trying to lighten darker hair and not end up with an awful ‘in-between’ colour. The free from list on these is pretty amazing too x


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