Bench and tree in snowy gardens with hedge and blue skies

London’s Fulham Palace in the Snow

With the current mild weather it’s hard to believe that little over a week ago London’s streets were covered in blankets of fresh, white snow.

Though it lasted mere days, there isn’t much in this world that makes me as happy as snow does, so I was determined to make the most of it.

The historic Fulham Palace is walking distance from my workplace so I went exploring during one lunch break, armed with sturdy snow boots, fingerless gloves, and my DSLR.

I started in the nearby cemetery as I have a slightly morbid fascination with tombstones and burial grounds; I find them so beautiful, peaceful and photogenic.

Crow on snow-topped tomb in churchyardRed robin in moss and snow-covered headstoneBlack crow on snowy gravestonesRed robin on snowy tree trunk

Usually bustling with people, the grounds of Fulham Palace were eerily quiet. The Walled Garden is spectacular in the warmer months but looked rather barren when deserted and covered in a light layer of snow.

Fulham Palace Walled Garden in the snowIcicles hanging from picnic table

The main grounds of the palace were still beautiful; almost monotone with random bursts of colour.

Daffodils in the snow

I had only a pair of friendly pigeons for company (seriously, they followed me across the entire grounds) as I photographed wilting flowers and lonely benches.

Seat looking towards snowy Fulham Palace groundsPink blossoms on branch with snowy backgroundTrees overhanging snowy parkSeat and tree in the snowPink blossoms on branches with sky background

Wandering back along the forest path, there was still not a soul to be seen. As a massive introvert who loves nature and being left alone to photograph it, it was pretty much paradise.

Fulham palace from snowy forestSingle leaf on branch over snowy path

As I was crouching in the snow, taking photos of powder-topped logs, I was photo bombed by a red robin. Seriously. He casually hopped into frame as I peered through my viewfinder playing with the focus.

Snow covered log with patch of ivy

Oh, hi!

Red robin landing on snowy log

I forgave himย  for the distraction pretty easily as he gifted me my absolute favourite photo of the day.

Red robin on snowy log

Little poser.

Did you enjoy the snowy cold snap? Or are you happy that spring is on its way?

Exploring London's Fulham Palace in the snow


10 thoughts on “London’s Fulham Palace in the Snow

  1. I totally agree with you, I adore the snow. Everyone is forever telling me that only kids love it but I beam with joy when I see snowfall. It looks beautiful here! I’ve never seen London in the snow but this was excellent use of a lunch break! x


  2. Your photo’s are beautiful, Fulham Palace looks so magical under the snow. When I’m next in London I’m going to have to visit Fulham Palace it looks so serene.

    Emma x

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