Stylist live at Kensington Olympia

Stylist Live – Bringing a Top Women’s Magazine to Life

Regular readers will know that I love a good expo. So when a friend invited me as her plus one to Stylist Live I was pretty darn excited.

Stylist Live is a weekend long event run by free weekly magazine Stylist and was held at London Olympia from 10th-12th November. We popped along on the Sunday to check it out.

My immediate impression was that the event looked awesome. There were loads of themed stalls, huge banners, and colourful stages and it just looked fun from the get-go.

Stylist Live Beauty Council

Unlike most events that I go to, which feature products from a specific niche (usually food or beauty), Stylist Live had stalls with such an amazing range of products and brands including food, beauty, fashion, arts & crafts, homewares, stationery, books, jewellery, nutrition, wellness… and probably more that I’ve missed!

It was basically like walking through the pages of the magazine.

Stylist Live plant and terrarium stall
Stylist Live Pukka TeaStylist Live vegan fashion stallStylist Live Bubblegum balloons

We signed up to the Stylist Beauty Council – an online community sharing thoughts on beauty and fashion trends – in the hope of winning hundreds of pounds worth of beauty products.

I’m still waiting for that email of congratulations…

Stylist Live Beauty Council

The Benefit Brow Mobile was there, which is just so kitsch and cute. Benefit was one of my favourite beauty brands until I learned they were not cruelty-free. Sob! I wouldn’t purchase anything from them now but I can still appreciate their cute truck.

Stylist Live Benefit Brow Mobile

We had planned to watch a few of the awesome-sounding talks by inspirational women but there were just so many stalls that even though we were there for several hours, it just didn’t end up happening!

Instead we spent our time testing out products and buying up big for ourselves and others (okay, mostly ourselves).

I discovered some great new brands including Ermana, who produce beautiful natural skin care products (I plan to do a post about them soon!), Creative Nature Superfoods, a natural and “free-from” snacking company, and Lucy’s Dressings, who offer a delicious range of salad dressings and condiments.

Stylist Live Ermana natural skincare

I also picked up some great deals on some of my favourites like Kikki K (I wanted the entire stall but settled for a few gift wrapping items) Nairns, who were doing ridiculously cheap prices on their oatcakes and muesli, and Ecoffee Cup who had their gorgeous new artsy range of reusable drink cups on offer.

Stylist Live Kikki K StationeryStylist Live MT washi tape

One of my favourite and probably most surprising purchases of the day was a vegan cheese-making kit, which I bought from a regular cheese deli stall! I love that they also had vegan options for sale I can’t wait to start testing out my new toy!

Stylist live vegan cheese stand

I could have bought something from almost every single homewares stall – so many cute items!

Stylist Live Bunny migsStylist live coloured, printed mugsStylist live wall printsStylist live candle stall

One of my favourite stalls of the day was the Soror Studios pop-up, which stocks items designed by women, for women. Their products are environmentally friendly, ethical, and super-cute.

Stylist Live Homewares & Jewellery

I also had a hard time restraining myself from buying absolutely every cruelty-free, natural and vegan beauty product I came across.

There were tonnes of stalls for jewellery-lovers. Seemingly very on-trend right now (I say seemingly as I have no idea about fashion) is chunky, Aztec-inspired jewellery.  The hand-made items were all gorgeous.

In the end, I spent waaay too much money but I came home with a pretty decent food, beauty and stationery haul.

There’s a few items that didn’t make the haul pics as they’re gifts for people in my life who read the blog. (Yes you, Rachel.)

It was such a great event so I’m quietly holding out hope for an invite again next year!

Were you at Stylist Live? What did you bring home?

Exploring Stylist Live London 2017 - beauty, fashion, homewares, wellness, lifestyle and more!


24 thoughts on “Stylist Live – Bringing a Top Women’s Magazine to Life

  1. Stylist event justifies the wide range of stylish products. Though not physically but I enjoyed this event through your post with nice pics.

  2. What an amazing EXPO!! Such an amazing array of products. I would have walked out plum broke. I love your finds!

  3. I was there! It was so good, wasn’t it? I’ve put a post about my visit on Saturday on my blog. I discovered the fantastic Good Grain Company (they make puffed wheat products) and tried one of their samples there and got a free Hippeas pack to take away (chickpea crisps). I recommend both companies! :)

    1. Yay! Glad to hear from someone else who went! :) I love Hippeas (missed the samples, though… sad!) but will definitely check out the Good Grain Company – sounds like my kind of thing!

      Off to check out your post now. :)

  4. I love the bright and airiness of this expo! I’ve never been to one before but from pictures I always see a bunch of white and terrible lighting but this one looks so fun and like there’s something there for every kind of person!!

  5. woaaah i never even knew they did this at olympia! ive been there a million times with worth but never though to look at what other events they hold there – this is right up my street! a really perfect way to find new brands and be inspired!

    do you know when this is on again next year? id LOVE to go (and had better get saving so i can spend ALL the money haha!)

    katie. xx ♥

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