Fair Squared hand cream and body butter

FAIR SQUARED – Natural and Fairtrade Beauty

I absolutely adore finding new skin care brands to add to my collection so when I was asked to try out some products from FAIR SQUARED, I jumped at the chance.

Fair Squared create a range of ethical skin care, cosmetics and personal hygiene products including moisturisers, shower gels, shaving oils, hair care, sun care, and even condoms.

Fair Squared Skin Care Products

Disclaimer: I was provided with free products in exchange for review. All opinions my own. Full disclaimer below.

The FAIR SQUARED products boast a whole range of certifications; they carry the Vegan Society and PETA Cruelty-Free seals, as well as the seals of NATRUE, who promote natural and organic cosmetics, and the Fair Rubber Association, who apply the Fair Trade principles and standards to the rubber trade. Their products are all HALAL certified.

On top of this, FAIR SQUARED were one of the first cosmetics companies allowed to label their products with the Fairtrade seal. They work with local producers from some of the world’s poorest countries and their ethos is all about creating change and contributing to a “fairer, more eco-friendly and sustainable future” for our planet.

Pretty impressive, right?

But how are the products themselves? Their range is extensive and to be honest, everything was pretty tempting but for review purposes I chose the Green Tea Body Butter and the Almond Hand Cream.

Fair Squared Skin Care

I tried both products out over several weeks, just as the weather was starting to get properly chilly, meaning my skin started to get drier. Perfect timing!

Here’s what I thought:

Green Tea Body Butter

I love using a nice, thick body butter a few times a week for a deep moisturise; particularly on my arms and legs, which is where my skin gets driest.

Fair Squared Green Tea Body Butter

Made using shea butter and green tea (said to have rejuvenating and healing properties), the FAIR SQUARED Green Tea Body Butter is luxuriously thick and rich. Despite its thickness, the cream rubs in fairly quickly and absorbs well without leaving my skin with that sticky feeling.

The green tea scent was very subtle but soothing. I can’t use many highly-fragranced beauty products due to the joys of allergies and asthma so the mild, natural scent was perfect.

The body butter range also includes Shea, Vanilla and Lime. I’m obsessed with anything vanilla-scented, so that may be my next pick!

Green Tea Body Butter RRP £8.95, 150ml / £12.95, 300ml

Fair Squared Body Butter Green Tea

Almond Hand Cream

The older I get, the drier my hands seem to become; it’s an issue I’ve only really noticed in the past few years and one that’s led to me becoming a teensy bit obsessed with hand creams. This addiction is amped up a notch as the temperature falls in the cooler months.

Fair Squared Hand Cream in Almond

Made with almond oil, the FAIR SQUARED Almond Hand Cream is perfect for sensitive skin. It also contains olive oil, which is super-moisturising. Again, it’s a really subtle scent, so it’s great for sensitive skin (and noses). The hand cream is smooth and fairly thin so a little goes a long way and it absorbs quickly.

I have definitely noticed my hands looking and feeling softer since using the cream and they are free of any dry, scratchy patches.

The hand cream is also available in Olive, which looks just as delicious.

Almond Hand Cream RRP £7.45, 100ml / £12.95, 250ml

Fair Squared Hand Creammond

I really liked both products and as they’re such reasonable prices, they’re definitely ones I’d purchase myself. They are available online through the Pravera website for UK buyers, or from the FAIR SQUARED site throughout Europe.

I truly love the ethics behind the brand so I’m keen to try out more from their extensive range.

Have you tried Fair Squared? What did you think?


Fair Squared - Ethical and cruelty-free beauty.


Disclaimer: I was provided with free products in exchange for a fair and honest review. All views are entirely my own and not influenced by the manufacturer or its affiliates in any way. This is not a sponsored post and I received no monetary compensation for this review. View disclaimer page here.


13 thoughts on “FAIR SQUARED – Natural and Fairtrade Beauty

  1. I’m one of those crazy people that has a new bottle of lotion often because I use it a lot. My skin is really dry, and it soaks the lotions in. Especially my hands and face. I don’t put lotions on my face because my skin can’t handle it, but I have to moisturize daily. I love body butters and hand creams, so I would definitely be interested in trying these products.

    1. Haha, same! I always have some in my handbag and desk drawer, as well as beside my bed! Fair Squared is hanging out beside my bed at the moment!

      I only use very light, oil-free moisturisers on my face but love something thick and rich for my hands, feet and body. These are a great shout if you’re looking for something new to try out. :)

      1. Mine is still quite a newborn as I have only created it less than one month ago. I am however doing my best to be bring more and more content covering the topics that I most passionate about 😊 Hope you like it x

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