Vegfest UK London - Beauty Haul

Vegan Events: VegfestUK London 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to make it to Vegfest London. Somehow, I always seem to be overseas when it’s on! So I was extra excited to make it to this year’s event, held at London Olympia from 21st to 22nd October.

(Yes, I know this post is late!)

Vegfest UK (1b)

The VegfestUK events  are held annually in London, Bristol and Brighton. The London 2017 event was host to over 300 stalls, 23 caterers, plus live talks, cookery demos, comedy and music shows, and more.

VegfestUK 2 (8)

I love stocking up on my favourite vegan food and beauty goodies, and it’s the perfect chance to discover new brands and products.

Here’s a small selection of what was on offer in 2017.


Vegfest UK London - KokoVegfest UK London - Mr OrganicVegfest UK (31)Vegfest UK London - Good 4 UVegfest UK (38)Vegfest UK (27)Vegfest UK London - Sweet Deceitsst UK London - Vegan Sweets & ChocolateVegfest UK (15)

Beauty & Health

Vegfest UK (4)Vegfest UK (9)Vegfest UK London - The Body ShopVegfest UK (7)Vegfest UK (34)Vegfest UK (8)Vegfest UK London - Pacifica PerfumeVegfest UK (18b)Vegfest UK (19b)Vegfest UK (30)VegfestUK 2 (15)bVegfest UK (17b)Vegfest UK (29)

Fashion & Home

VegfestUK 2 (14)Vegfest UK London - Plant Faced Vegan FashionVegfest UK (20)Vegfest UK (11)VegfestUK 2 (19b)

My Haul

I picked up some delicious baked goods, pantry staples, and – of course – new beauty products!

Were you at Vegfest? What’s your favourite foodie festival?

VegfestUK London 2017


21 thoughts on “Vegan Events: VegfestUK London 2017

  1. There are a few vegan events here nowadays too, but sadly all far too far away from me. I like the look of those handbags and will be googling the candles later! Good to see The Body Shop is finally focussing on vegan products. Their labelling has been pretty bad so far, although staff are always able to help. Thanks for sharing your impressions!

  2. I love going to trade shows and conventions where the topic is FOOD! And especially all the yummy vegan, whole foods or gluten-free eats. Some of these products look quiet yumma too, I’ll have to check them out!

  3. This looks like an AMAZING event. What a fabulous haul too :) I’m going to my first vegan event this month called ‘Christmas Without Cruelty’ – I can’t wait.

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