Vegan Events: London Vegan Summer Fest 2017

After a great day at Veggie World last month, the next event in my food festival line-up for 2017 was London Vegan Summer Fest.

This was a festival I’d not heard of before this year but stumbled upon online and as entry was only £5 on the door I figured, why not?

Held in a function room at the Ibis Hotel in Earl’s Court, the festival was smaller than most others I’ve been to but had a friendly, intimate vibe.

Vegan Summer Fest (11)

Of course, I get most excited over the food at these events but there were some great fashion and beauty stalls on display too.


I picked up some cute, natural soaps from Organik Orangutan whose organic beauty treats are all palm oil free.

Vegan Summer Fest (7)

I have a weakness for vegan baked goods so along with my festival favourite banana bread, I couldn’t go past these insane cupcakes by SweetPBakes.

Unicorn Cupcakes 1Vegan Cupcakes

Fromt he slightly overwhelming range on display I bought a Unicorn cupcake because LOOK HOW PRETTY THEY WERE!

Unicorn Cupcakes

The actual cake was a vanilla sponge and super-delicious. Yes, I felt a little sick after eating the sugary masterpiece but it was totally worth it.

There were so many amazing cake stands and I honestly had to restrain myself from buying from them all. Instead, I just gawked and took photos.


I can rarely leave a festival without buying some kind of savoury sauce and this event was no exception with the Saucy Marinade from Zim’s Tribe making it into my bag. From four heat levels, I chose the hottest and can’t wait to marinate some tofu or make a curry with it!

Vegan Summer Fest (9)

When it came to fresh festival food, it was pretty hard to narrow down my choices there as well. I settled on a curry pie (sans mash because I’m a weirdo who hates mash), topped with vegan gravy, fried onions and mango chutney.

Vegan Pie (1)

It was stupidly good and I wish I remembered the name of the vendor so I could hunt them down. (If anyone who went to the festival knows, please do tell!)

To cool down my slightly burning tongue, I treated myself to a vegan “froyo”. The frozen yogurt (more like sorbet, really) was tropical flavoured and they had an array of treats to top it with. I went a little nuts on rainbow goodies…

Vegan Frozen Yogurt (2)

As if I hadn’t purchased enough naughty food, I caved at a vegan treats stand and bought a vego bar (my favourite vegan chocolate) and a “birthday cake” cookie simply because it fit with my childish awesome, rainbow food theme of the day!

Here’s my complete haul from the festival, most of which I bought but there were a few freebies from Clearspring chucked in:

Vegan Summer Fest Haul

My favourite purchase of the day was probably my adorable new tote bag.

The festival was on for one day only in London but you can catch the two-day Vegan Summer Fest Brighton event from 3rd-4th June 2017.

As I’m obsessed with festival food, what’s your favourite?


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