London Squirrel Tree

Back to Nature: Cheeky London Squirrels

I have recently started a photography course, in the hopes of improving both my blog and travel photography but also to help justify an expensive upgrade to a DSLR. Each week we are given homework assignments and I can honestly say, I’ve never enjoyed homework so much!

So the reason for this little post is just to share a few pictures that I’ve recently taken when out completing my assignments, simply because the subjects are so darn cute!

Meet two of London’s cheekiest squirrels:



Squirrel 3

When I got too close for comfort, this little guy clung upside-down on the tree trunk and remained dead-still, thinking he was camouflaged with the red-brown bark. He stayed in this splayed position for a good few minutes before he decided he was brave enough to run down the trunk and over to the next tree…


Squirrel 2

This friend ran around the back of the tree trunk to hide from me, then quickly peeped out to see if I was still there. Surprise! I was! I was camera-ready and managed to snap this cute shot before he sprinted up into the branches.

Happy weekend!


14 thoughts on “Back to Nature: Cheeky London Squirrels

  1. Cute! And lovely shots. They look like a mixture of red and grey squirrels… a hybrid perhaps? We only have the red ones here and they are a lot brighter but turn almost black in winter.

    1. Thanks so much! I was curious about the first little guy actually, as he’s got quite a lot of red colouring for a grey squirrel yet he doesn’t have the typical features of the red squirrel! He intrigued me…

      I’d love to see a true red squirrel in the wild (don’t think I will in London!) or a black one would be amazing! :D

    1. Thank you! I’ve lived in London for over six years now but still get excited when I see squirrels as they’re so cute! I’m really enjoying my course and can’t wait to explore photography more. :)

    1. Thank so much! They were more successful than my (attempted) shot yesterday where I knelt in a pile of stinging nettles and scared the little guys off… Oops!

      Must try the nuts trick! :D

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