Exploring the Amazing Biodomes of The Eden Project

One of the highlights of my recent road trip with my mum was visiting The Eden Project in Cornwall. This was originally just part of my previous post on England’s West Country but its such an amazing place that cutting it down to two or three photos couldn’t possibly do it justice.

Mum and I didn’t have set plans to go to The Eden Project but driving along the motorway one afternoon, we saw a sign and somewhat impulsively took the next exit to spend the rest of our day at the biodomes.
The Eden Project

Originally a huge clay pit, the site just outside of St Austell has had a complete overhaul and been regenerated as a huge environmental centre promoting and educating on biodiversity and sustainability.

The two massive biodomes – one Rainforest Biome and one Mediterranean Biome – are home to thousands of plant species from around the world.

Walking in to the Rainforest Biome, the wave of humidity that washes over you is slightly overwhelming. But its this artificial rainforest climate – assisted by the man-made waterfall – in the world’s largest conservatory that makes the plants flourish and turns the dome into an eclectic and colourful nature’s wonderland.

Sadly, the canopy walkway was closed due to unsafe temperatures! However, there was still plenty to see from ground level as we slowly wandered up the ramps through the dome.

The Eden Project 42

I was pleased that we did the rainforest Biome first as after leaving the dome rather sweatier than we went in, the Mediterranean dome felt almost cool in comparison!

The array of plant species in both Biomes was just incredible; there were vibrant colours, unique shapes and flowers from the size of your pinky nail to the size of your head. There were plants that took me back to my childhood backyard (with visions of our pet beagle chomping through Mum’s hibiscus flowers) to ones that I didn’t even know and couldn’t quite believe existed!

The Eden Project 27

The Eden Project 31

The Eden Project 30

The Eden Project 16

Spring was the perfect time to visit, not only for flowers in full bloom but for newborn chicks! If there are any ornithologists reading, please solve this one for me and let me know what type of bird this is with her littlun!

The Eden Project 40

The Eden Project has expanded year on year and is much more than a massive greenhouse; there’s a giant swing and England’s longest zipwire for those looking for a thrill (sadly both closed when we were there); the annual music festival The Eden Sessions held in front of the Biomes draws crowds by the thousands each summer; and there are different exhibitions, festivals and educational courses running all throughout the year.

I can’t recommend this place highly enough!

The Eden Project 22

I walked away from this innovative tourist attraction feeling calm, relaxed and inspired. I guess that’s the power of nature…

The Eden Project

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17 thoughts on “Exploring the Amazing Biodomes of The Eden Project

  1. I visited the Eden Project a few years ago and I loved it. Definitely worth a visit. Your lovely photos have bought back happy memories

  2. This is bringing back lovely memories! I don’t recall seeing the orb shapped flower with the big yellow ‘spikes’ though. The walk way is very strange and it actually sways very notably! I didn’t manage to find the giant zip-wire unfortunately. I love the way you layout your pictures by the way. I can’t wait for your New Forest photo’s ^_^

    1. Glad to have brought back some good memories! :) I was so sad I missed the walkway – I love heights, even wobbly ones!

      I have only just discovered the galleries and I took FOREVER working out a layout for the pics so it made me really happy that you commented on it! Thanks so much! :)

      1. When writing a post, it’s under “Add Media” – “Create Gallery”. If you find a way to see the layout of the gallery without clicking “preview post” a zillion times, please let me know! :D

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