The Best Places to Visit In The West Country

One of the best things about my recent road trip with my mum was just losing a sense of time. We didn’t rush anywhere, we didn’t set daily plans, sometimes we didn’t know where we were going until we got there.

We wandered.

We cruised.

We travelled.

We explored.

We spent our days breathing in fresh, country air, walking through salty, seaside breezes, watching waves break, clouds roll, and lambs bounce across hillsides; we soaked up as much nature as possible.

England’s West Country has miles upon miles of stunning, ever-changing landscapes from sandy beaches to rolling, green hills to lush forests. We spent most of our time in Cornwall but also ventured through Devon and Dorset.

Here’s a few tonne of trip highlights…

Bude, CornwallBude Beach

Bude Beach 3

Bude Beach 4

Bude Beach 2

Bude Beach 5


Cows 2

Slaughterbridge, North Cornwall

Arthurian Centre

Arthurian Centre 2

Arthurian Centre 3The Eden Project, Cornwall

The Eden Project

More shots of the stunning Eden Project here!

Port Isaacs, North Cornwall

Port Isaacs 3

Port Isaacs

Port Isaacs 2

Port Isaacs 4

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall


Tintagel Sheep

Tintagel Sheep 2

Tintagel 2

Clovelly, North DevonClovelly

Clovelly 2

Lyme Regis, West Dorset

Lyme Regis 2

Lyme Regis 1

Lyme Regis 5

Lyme Regis 2

Lyme Regis 4

Osmington, Dorset

Dorset 2


Weymouth, Dorset

Weymouth 1

Weymouth 3

Weymouth 2

As the Eden Project in Cornwall was so spectacular, I am dedicating an entire post to it. Make sure you check it out!


Part One: Richmond Park

Part Two (Part Two): The Eden Project

Part Three: The New Forest

Part Four: Kew Gardens


8 thoughts on “The Best Places to Visit In The West Country

    1. It really was such a beautiful part of England! Mum was visiting from Australia (I’m actually from Sydney!) so think she loved seeing such different landscapes too. :)

    1. Thank you! :) Well, I took so many photos at The Eden Project that I decided to make a separate post about it. It should be up soon – just in the editing stages! :D

      I have no idea about the giant rhino… so strange that I had to include the photo. Haha!

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