Epic Peanut Butter and Banana Muffins from Thug Kitchen

All my life I have thought of myself as a Peanut Butter Hater.

Turns out, it’s just the sugar-filled, oily, artificial crap that I hate. I have seriously been missing out!

After discovering Whole Earth Crunchy Peanut Butter, I now understand the whole peanut butter & banana sandwich hype and the joy of slathering peanut butter on warm toast, turning it into a sticky, gooey delicious mess.

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But by far the best thing to come out of my recent nutty revelation is peanut butter and banana muffins, courtesy of the Thug Kitchen cookbook*.

Thug Kitchen Cover

Having been a long time follower of the hilarious Thug Kitchen blog, I recently bought myself their book. With the mantra “Eat like you give a fuck”, this vegan cookbook filled with healthy, no fuss dishes is not for the easily offended. However, I rather enjoy instructions advising me not to over-mix batter so that I “don’t waste all that peanut butter on some fucked-up muffins”.

I have never laughed so much reading a cookbook. (To be honest, not sure I have ever laughed reading one…) But Thug Kitchen is just as hilarious as the blog, whilst still being packed with genuinely great recipes, gorgeous photography and tonnes of information for those new (or not so new) to the veggie world.

Dotted throughout the book are pages  Dropping Knowledge on everything from explaining “Weird Fucking Ingredients” (nutritional yeast or “nooch”) to comparing tofu and tempeh (Tofu is more common and way more hated.), to how to best season different dishes (If you’re cooking at home and your dish tastes flat as fuck, don’t reach for the salt. Right now you’re probably consuming entirely too much of those white crystals and your body can’t hang.)

The recipes are fairly straightforward but they’re interesting and bound to get even the most committed carnivores drooling; the Tofu Scramble Tacos look insane, I’m dying to make Smoked Almond and Chickpea Sammies, and the the Tortilla Soup would be great in the current blustery London weather. Also, I don’t think I have ever heard a better description of salad than “just a big bowl of plant nachos”.

Thug Kitchen Pages

But back to the peanut butter story… I have now made ridiculously good peanut butter and banana muffins on three occasions. As I used super-crunchy crunchy peanut butter, I skipped the additional nuts but still managed to make the muffins pretty epic and not eff them up, as evidenced below.

Thug Kitchen Muffins

Thug Kitchen Banana Muffins Vegan

Thug Kitchen Banana Muffins Vegan 4

Thug Kitchen Banana Muffins Vegan 5Thug Kitchen Banana Muffins Vegan 3

I’m not even going to try to be humble… these muffins were goddam delicious.

Pretty sure this cookbook is going to get a serious workout over the next few months…

Want the cookbook for yourself? Buy here*!


10 thoughts on “Epic Peanut Butter and Banana Muffins from Thug Kitchen

  1. Great recipe, great book :) Also, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award this time around — keep up the good work!

  2. After trying raw peanut butter the other day, I was converted just like you! Growing up I hated peanut butter and simply could not understand people’s obsession with it. But after being introduced to its natural form, I understand! I’ll be sure to try out Thug Kitchen’s recipe :)

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