Tofu Scramble – Who Needs Eggs?!

Since cutting eggs out of my diet several months ago, I have missed the occasional Sunday brunch of eggs on toast – fried, poached, scrambled… doesn’t matter. Though I can honestly say that I never missed meat when I gave that up, I can’t say the same for eggs. I miss Sunday eggs.

Enter, tofu scramble. It is a dish that I have wanted to try since I first discovered it online but until yesterday, had never got around to making. The vegan substitute of scrambled eggs, this recipe from Isa Chandra’s Post Punk Kitchen includes a delicious mix of spices and a little nutritional yeast to give a slightly cheesy flavour. Due to current fridge contents, I used red pepper instead of mushrooms and spring onions instead of white but otherwise followed the recipe. The result was a cheesy, crumbly, flavoursome pile of awesome. I am a convert.

Served on fresh sourdough bread with a side of chopped tomatoes and avocado, it was the Sunday brunch I’d been missing.

Tofu Scramble

Tofu Scramble 2

Tofu Scramble 3


11 thoughts on “Tofu Scramble – Who Needs Eggs?!

  1. You make it look very delicious by the photos. Tofu is a wonderfully versatile food that can take on so many flavors and textures. Two points for trying a new variation!

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