The Best Lemon Slice – Vegan and Raw!

So dates have become a bit of a big thing in my life recently. The edible kind, I mean…

It started with the raw vegan date bars I recently made. They were so easy and so delicious that they inspired me to make more date-based treats.

A quick Google search presented me a myriad of date-y treats to try but being obsessed with lemon, I couldn’t go past the divine-sounding Lemon Bars with Coconut by Emily at This Rawsome Vegan Life.

It was super simple to make but it requires setting so be sure to prepare it in advance. The base is made from just dates, oats and coconut but sets and crumbles surprisingly like a baked, biscuit base. For the lemon layer, I changed the recipe ever-so-slightly; I didn’t have maple syrup so subbed it with agave nectar and this worked fine. I also went with the two-banana option because to me, the fruitier the better.

All I can say about this is that it was insanely good. The flavours seem to hit you individually in waves with the tart lemon first, followed by the sweet base and the creamy banana. It seemed to get more deliciously intense the more days we left it in the fridge. It’s super-rich and there were only three of us to eat it, so we ended up freezing some and defrosting in the fridge the day we wanted to eat it, which worked fine.

Here’s my results:

Raw Date Slice Steps

Raw Date Banana Slice 19

Raw Date Banana Slice_32

Raw Date Banana Slice_29

Raw Date Banana Slice 33

My photos really don’t do it justice, so go check out the original here for some serious food porn.


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