Foodie Events: Clapham Common Foodie Festival 2014

I don’t remember the last time I got sunburnt. But on Sunday, whilst enjoying the Foodie Festival at Clapham Common, the sun got the better of me.

So, the London weather gods have finally realised that it’s spring and have sent sunshine our way. And what better way to enjoy a sunny day than to spend it stuffing your face full of delicious food and drink outdoors, whilst forgetting to wear sunscreen? Bad Australian, bad

Our adventure started when we reached the south side of Clapham Common at around 1pm and joined a heaving queue. There were no tickets for sale on the door, so these were all people who had pre-booked (or been given free tickets from a friend like our lucky selves). It took us about 40 minutes to get through the gate by which stage the queue had tripled and angry mobs had formed at the gates demanding to be let in (because, obviously they were far more important than the people who had been queuing for hours).

Eventually, we made it through the gates and set out to explore the stalls before narrowing down our lunch choices. In the end, we couldn’t go past freshly made sushi. Matt had the crispy tofu and I had the sweet potato and avocado. Divine.

There were a wide range of vendors selling everything from street food to chilli sauces to fresh popcorn to speciality cider. There were also cooking and baking demos and live entertainment throughout the day.

My favourite discovery of the day was probably Lushice – dairy free rum cocktail sorbets! I could have eaten a bucket of the Pina Colada.

Here’s a few snaps to summarise our day:

The Festival

Clapham Foodie Festival Crowd

Clapham Foodie Festival Stalls

Clapham Foodie Festival Stalls 2

Clapham Foodie Festival Demo

The Food & Drink

Frappatak Iced Coffee

Clapham Foodie Festival Sushi

Clapham Foodie Festival Drinks

Clapham Foodie Festival Lushice

The Haul

Clapham Foodie Festival Haul

Rude patrons and red shoulders aside, it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon; eating, drinking and enjoying the fresh air! Now, where’s that aloe vera?


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