Baking Amazing Vegan Coconut Lime Loaf

Last weekend I wanted to make something with the withering limes in our fruit bowl. I love all types of fruit bread and cake but I’d never made anything with limes, so scoured the internet for ideas.

I ended up finding an amazing-looking recipe for vegan coconut lime bread on One Green Planet, a fantastic vegan and ethical living website.

I subbed the gluten-free flour with regular and made a few other teensy tweaks to the recipe and here’s the ever-so-tasty results.

The loaf/bread/cake or whatever you want to call it was so moist and fluffy. For extra zing, I added slightly more lime than the ingredients called for and I stand by that decision. Plus with the three types of fruit in it – lime, coconut and apples (as in, apple sauce…) – it’s practically a health food!


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