A Very Veggie Christmas

On Sunday night, my flatmates and I celebrated our ‘Flat Christmas’ before heading off for the holidays. Because two of the four of us in attendance were vegetarian, we made a Turkey-free, goose fat-free, vegetarian feast!

I happily spent most of the day in the kitchen. I started off with making treats for our dessert and for Christmas presents; I made Bailey’s Fudge, Rum Balls and Orange & Cranberry Cookies – all delicious! (I forgot to take photos but just click the links for previous efforts…)

Then it was on to the main…

Veg Christmas

After trawling through a pile of magazines filled with vegetarian Christmas ideas, we settled on a Butternut Ricotta Tart with Fiery Rocket Salad from BBC’s Vegetarian Christmas magazine. It was something a bit different from the usual nut roast, ‘Tofurkey’ (shudder) or – oddly – ravioli usually on offer and it paired really well with the roast vegetables we prepared; parsnips, orange and purple carrots, beetroot, and rosemary potatoes.

Who needs meat, eh?

Ricotta Tart 2

Ricotta Tart 3

Roast Veg 2

Xmas Dinner 2

Merry Christmas, all!

Xmas Presents


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