Home-Made Pizzas from Smitten Kitchen

I make my own pizzas all the time but I am a fan of using pita bread or tortilla wraps as my base. I like it because it’s quick and easy but mostly because I don’t like doughy dough, so it solves that problem too.

I had never actually made my own pizza base before but the other night Matt was making pizzas from scratch and I wanted to play along! We used a recipe from the gorgeous Smitten Kitchen cookbook, though I think it may be (or really similar to) this one from the website. We both topped our pizzas with fresh mozzarella, lightly fried courgette and red onion as well as red pepper, button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. I also added chilli flakes and dried mixed herbs to mine for that extra kick.

We cooked the pizzas on Matt’s new pizza stone by Jamie Oliver, which is supposed to make the pizza bases extra crispy. It was a bit tricky trying to get two hot pizzas with one pizza stone but we managed… sort of. (Matt insisted he didn’t mind lukewarm pizza.)

We were pretty pleased with the pizzas when we pulled them out of the oven but to be honest, we didn’t love them… I think we needed to be braver and roll our dough out thinner. Mine was a fair bit thinner than Matt’s but it still rose quite a lot in the oven and I ended up with a crust of around 1cm in depth, which wasn’t really what I was looking for. I found the dough a little too bland and yes, doughy, but again, I think that’s my fault for not rolling it thin enough. The toppings, on the other hand, were delicious and the pizzas looked pretty so still a win, right?!

Home-made Pizza 4

Home-made Pizza 2

Home-made Pizza 3


14 thoughts on “Home-Made Pizzas from Smitten Kitchen

  1. We use tortillas for pizza bases too. I only make dough from scratch if I’m feeling extra fancy but to be honest, I don’t prefer it. Like you, I guess I don’t roll out my bases thin enough. I like them either crispy thin or thick and soft doughy. Not in between. Our oven isn’t hot enough either so we end up cooking them for too long and they dry out. I think if it’s not a crispy base, you need a very hot oven for a short amount of time.

    Yours look great though.

    p.s. This would make a great submission to Our Growing Edge too :)

    1. I think dough making takes practise but when I prefer tortilla bases, I just can’t be bothered. ;-) They were quite crispy, just a little too thick for my liking.

      I think I did it wrong last time I submitted to that as it didn’t get included… Oops! =/ I will look into it again!

  2. I use tortillas too, but if I make a dough I do roll it out very thin. I also used to think the recipes always added too much salt, but have found that the salt really does change the taste a lot, so don’t scrimp! Your toppings do look good, and I now fancy pizza for dinner tonight! :D

    1. The topping were delicious but think I just need to keep practising and get braver with thinner dough. But when tortillas work so well, I just don’t think I’ll be bothered! :P

  3. Oh delicious! I made pizza the other night but there was too much base and I decided I need to find a thin and crispy one. Might try your tortilla idea for a quick fix! :-)

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