Recipe: Simple Mango and Raspberry Smoothie

Saturday mornings call for delicious but easy breakfasts. Enter, the fruit smoothie.

Mango & Raspberry Smoothie

Serves 1

Swedish Glace Smoothie


200ml light soy milk
1 mango, peeled and diced
1 handful yellow raspberries
1 scoop Swedish Glace (ice-cream alternative)
3 drops vanilla essence


Put all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until well combined.

Serve in tall glass.



And yes, ice cream for breakfast is totally acceptable at the weekend…


11 thoughts on “Recipe: Simple Mango and Raspberry Smoothie

  1. Im not normally a huge fan of smoothies as i think sometimes they can be overcomplicated and have to many flavours fighting against each other, but this one sounds so good and i think the addition of ice cream is brilliant. Will defiantly by trying this out for breakfast soon.

  2. Great idea when it’s so hot! Might just try it! Thanks for the inspiration again and enjoy your Sunday breakfast too!

  3. I’m so sad I can’t get my hands on Swedish Glace. I know I have a million delicious ice cream options here, but I’ve heard so many rave reviews, I really feel like I’m missing out. No matter, I think that homemade ice cream may make this recipe and even greater treat anyway. Nothing would stop me from trying out that enticing combination!

    1. I would lie to you to make you feel better but it really is just too good to pretend otherwise! ;-)

      I made my own vegan ice cream a little while ago (coconut & banana), which would also have been amazing in this. Time to make my own again, I think!

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