222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant

After spending a couple of hours at V Delicious Show in Kensington Olympia, Matt and I decided we would finally try restaurant 222 Veggie Vegan in nearby Fulham, which has been on our list for ages.

222 Veggie Vegan

Unfortunately, we didn’t realise until we arrived that lunch was buffet only…

Although I recently posted about how tibits restaurant in Central London changed my mind about buffet food, I fear that 222 may have changed it right back… unimaginative, stodgy and soggy; the hot dishes luke warm at best, the cold dishes room temperature at best.

When we walked in, the small vegan restaurant was nearly full, with only a few double tables left. A good sign, we thought! Well…

The food was bland to say the least. There were about five hot and five cold dishes, none of them doing any favours for the “vegan food isn’t boring” cause. In the hot trays there was rice, some soggy stir-fried vegetables, roast potatoes, corn bread and a basic chickpea dish (which to be fair, was quite tasty, just not imaginative). For cold dishes there was a bean and legume salad (the only other dish I actually enjoyed), a cabbage salad, cold aubergine salad, coleslaw, and a cold broccoli and mushroom salad, where the mushrooms looked like they came out of a can.

222 Buffet
My Plate – hardly mind-blowing.

The buffet was all-you-can-eat for £7.50, which may sound like a good deal but seriously, how much can you eat when the food is so unappealing? Certainly not £7.50-worth! With drinks, our meal came to £9.70 per person. Given that we paid about £4 extra at tibitis for a buffet with a selection of over 30 fresh dishes, 222 just didn’t seem like great value to us. We both ate one plate then went back for about a spoonful of seconds, just because we felt like we should try and get more value for money! I didn’t finish my spoonful.

The bad taste in our mouths was not helped by the appalling service.

When we first took our seats, we were brought plates by the waitress, who then disappeared. Now, we did realise as soon as we sat down that it was a self-serve buffet only but not all patrons may, so you would think the waitress might mention something! We were not asked about drinks and after a while had to call the waitress over to order these. The drinks then did not arrive until we’d both loaded our plates, sat back down, started eating and called her over again to enquire. After huffily telling us they were coming, she brought back our two juices and put the bottles and glasses down on the table. Seriously, 15-odd minutes to bring two bottled juices?

Yes, the restaurant was busy and yes, she seemed to be the only waitress (with one other girl clearing tables) but it was a self-service restaurant, so she was only taking drink orders and the occasional dessert order (I saw one table get dessert)!

We also had to ask for cutlery, as did two tables near us. Not the end of the world but when service is unfriendly and slow, giving us the bare minimum we needed to eat would have been nice.

Mid-meal we were asked (surprisingly politely) if we would mind moving to another double table so that they could fit a party of four where we were sitting. We personally didn’t mind but it’s a bit of an odd request, seeing as we were already eating! Most places would just ask the table of four to wait a few minutes and an area did become available very soon after we moved.

To top things off, I’ve never been glared at when asking for the bill before. But when we did, the waitress just looked at us as though we’d asked her to lick our plates clean, uttered not a single word, then stomped off to print the bill before throwing it on our table. I must stress that we were very quiet patrons, we were not rude in the slightest and the only times we asked the waitress for anything were when we didn’t have cutlery and when our drinks hadn’t arrived after some time. Both times we were polite and said our pleases and thank yous. We’d even moved tables for her, mid-meal! She honestly had no reason to treat us as though we’d spat in her face.

The dinner menu at 222 actually looks quite nice and the restaurant has received rave reviews online so it seems such a shame to say this but I don’t think I’ll be rushing back to try it…


222 Veggie Vegan
222 North End Rd,  London W14 9NU

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20 thoughts on “222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant

  1. Very disappointing :(

    As a life long Veggie, I like the Thai/Chinese places in London. I know of two which I alwasy eat in if I am in London (- one near Angel “Thai-Veg” and one in Gower Street). I’m not usually a fan of oriental style food but these places are amazing, with both hot and cold buffets, everything is tasy and delicious, cheep too. GIve them a try.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I’m not a fan of Chinese food, though I am obsessed with Thai! I’ll have to give Thai-Veg a try next time I’m out Angel way. Can’t go past a place offering all-you-can-eat spring rolls! ;-)

  2. Oh my gosh, sounds like you had an awful experience! I went there in April for my birthday and clearly had a very different experience to you, although I went for an evening meal, not the buffet. I agree about the slow service – there was only one waitress (not even a second clearing tables) and it was full on packed out. Given that it obviously gets very busy, you’d think they’d be better staffed. The waitress was polite however but the wait for the food was quite frustratingly long, we were all really very hungry and it took really long to get our starters out, then the same time for the mains! We were there for hours! However, the food was really really good, so good that despite the long wait, I and the rest of my party came away pleased and up for returning someday. I think perhaps the biggest issue is the lack of staff and by the sounds of it the (lack of) quality buffet. Such a shame, I feel for you!

    Poppy :)

    1. Yes, if they’re that busy all the time then they definitely need more staff! At least your waitress was polite…

      It was just such a shame as after reading loads of great reviews and having this place on our ‘to visit’ list for ages, we were really looking forward to it! If the service had been as it was (to be honest, we were more amused than offended by our rude waitress) but with good food I would definitely go back to try their dinner menu. Yet although it’s probably a different chef in the evenings and food is made-to-order, I just can’t bring myself to go back somewhere where I feel like I wasted my money and my time! Boo.

      1. I’m totally with you. I wouldn’t want to go back either with that experience! Such a shame! Have you tried The Gate restaurant yet? Are you in the London area?

      2. Yes! I went to the Islington branch last year (I posted a review but the photos are terrible…) and it was so good! We’ve been waiting for the Hammersmith Gate to re-open since forever as it’s much closer to us. I’m based in South-West London. :)

      3. I’ve only been to the Hammersmith one before it went on its makeover – how amazing – they had stuffed courgette flowers to die for! I’ll check out your review (who cares about the photos?! :) ) I used to live in Staines which probably wasn’t too far from you then and I work in Twickenham and Ealing often! But I live in Kent now! :)

      4. Ahh, stuffed courgette flowers sound ridiculously good! I wish it would hurry up and re-open but each change of season, they change the re-opening date! I live and work in the Putney/Fulham area, so it is (or would be) really close to me!

        Kent is on my ‘to visit’ list. :)

    1. Thanks for reading! I felt bad writing a negative review but it was just the truth and given all the rave reviews online, felt I had to add my two cents! I wish we’d known it was a buffet beforehand as we probably would have saved the restaurant for another time when we could go for dinner and perhaps we would have had a different experience. Perhaps.

    1. It actually does bother me! Thing is, I always reply to my comments. Thankfully this takes it up to 15 and that’s okay as it’s divisible by 5. Thanks for letting my followers know I’m a weirdo…

  3. This is Alex from 222!
    I’m so sorry you had such a bad experience – we are always honestly glad to hear everyone’s experiences at 222, particularly the bad ones!
    We have had a problem with people waiting too long for their meals this year, as Poppy’s comments show. It’s true that the wait in the evening is generally a bit longer than most restaurants because Ben cooks every order himself from scratch, but we have also realised that we needed to take on more staff – which we have now done.
    To make up for your lunch, we would be happy if you and your friend would like to come to try the evening menu as our guests – and also give us your feedback about that!:)

    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks for contacting me and sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I hope my review didn’t offend too much in it’s honesty – as mentioned, we didn’t realise lunch would be a buffet and had previously been tempted by the dinner menu!

      Thanks so much for your offer – I would be happy to give my feedback on an evening meal separately sometime. What is the best way to get in touch?

      1. Hi, Thanks for replying! We weren’t offended at all:) – just because we’re vegan it doesn’t mean we should accept anything sub-standard! Whenever you feel like coming over, you can email me at info@222veggievegan.com.
        All the best, Alex.

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