Travel Bites: Un Sorriso Integrale Vegetarian Restaurant – Naples

Located just off a quiet piazza, away from the dingy streets of Naples, Un Sorriso Integrale is like a little slice of heaven. And after eating pizza, pasta and bread for days on end, a menu filled with tofu dish after tofu dish was a sight for sore eyes!

We had a little trouble finding the right place at first, as the restaurant is not on the main plaza along the strip of eateries but instead, tucked away in a courtyard just behind them. After a few arguments with Google Maps, we found a sign pointing towards a little entranceway surrounded by greenery and knew we’d come to the right place!

The interior is minimalistic and relaxed with tiled floors and wooden tables and chairs – it feels more like a large café than a restaurant but we were not looking for high-end luxury so this suited us fine!

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We were seated straight away and assigned a friendly, English-speaking waiter who was more than happy to help us out with questions about the menu and advise on how many dishes we should order between us.

The Mediterranean-inspired, macrobiotic dishes are modestly priced and served in small portions so you can mix-and-match several different side dishes from the menu to build up your meal. The menu was largely vegan and there wasn’t a pasta dish in sight!

Matt went for the fried tofu with tomato sauce and I chose the grilled tofu with salad. For our sides, Matt got the risotto balls, I chose white wine courgette and we both ordered the spicy pumpkin. I’m so glad we both got the pumpkin instead of sharing as I could have eaten that pumpkin all night! It was so good! Our mains were very simple but when mixed with the vegetables, they were enough to satisfy both our taste buds and our tummies!

Un Sorriso Integrale

The meals came so quickly that I’m not convinced that they were made-to-order but everything tasted fresh and delicious so this really wasn’t an issue.

Despite being slightly hidden away, as we ate our meal, the restaurant just got busier and busier, proving it’s a favourite with the locals as well as tourists on the hunt for veggie-friendly food. Though the atmosphere became very lively, Matt and I were tucked away in a corner table and I didn’t feel like it ever got too loud or intrusive.

Though I won’t be rushing back to Naples any time soon, if I do ever find myself in the coastal Neopolitan city again, I will certainly be making a beeline for Un Sorrios Integrale.

Address: Vico S. Pietro a Maiella, 6  80138 Naples, Italy

We found the restaurant with the help of the ever-useful Happy Cow website.


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