Recipe: Tortilla Pizza plus Papaya Boats

Tofu Tuesdays are really difficult when your boss comes in with free ice creams for everyone after lunch, then you get home and your housemate has brought Tim Tams back from Australia. Dammit! But I managed to stay on track and declined both. Pat on the back for me!

I had been dying to use the vegan mozzarella I bought the other day so tonight I decided to make my version of pizzas for dinner. I’m a massive fan of using either pita bread or tortillas for pizza bases, rather than traditional dough. Less base, more topping. That’s how I roll!

As I didn’t make my own pizza bases, I’m not sure this actually requires a recipe but I’m posting one nonetheless!

I don’t use any fancy pizza sauces, I prefer to just make my own with ingredients already have in my kitchen.

Vegan Tortilla Pizzas

Vegan Veg Tortilla Pizza


Wholegrain tortillas
Tomato paste
Garlic purée
Mixed herbs
Chilli flakes
Grated vegan mozzarella
Vegetables of your choosing*, cut to size

*I used red pepper, courgette (sliced lengthways), broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, red onion and baby spinach. I lightly parboiled the courgette, broccoli and asparagus before using.


1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Parboil vegetables as required, drain and set aside.
2. Place tortillas on pizza/baking tray and heat in oven for 1-2 minutes; enough to warm them but remove before they start to crisp and brown. (This is so the bases do not go soggy.)
3. Remove tortillas from oven and spread with tomato paste and garlic purée as desired. Sprinkle with herbs and chilli flakes.
4. Spread mozzarella over base as desired, then add vegetables. Sprinkle a little more mozzarella on top.
5. Bake in oven for 10-15 minutes, until cheese melts and tortilla is browning around the edges.
6. Transfer onto plate and slice.


Vegan Tortilla Pizza
Not the prettiest but pretty delicious!

I have never tried vegan mozzarella before but my verdict is that it’s pretty tasty! It’s nothing like fresh mozzarella but it is similar to the ready-shredded stuff you buy in a bag – same slightly floury texture and it goes a bit fluffy when cooked. It doesn’t melt and spread as much as regular mozzarella, though I did find it stayed on the pizza base better. Real mozzarella tends to slide off if I use a little too much!

For dessert, I was craving fresh fruit. I didn’t have enough variety to make a fruit salad but I did pick up a papaya (or pawpaw) on my way home from work and was keen to use it for something. Now, this recipe isn’t exactly complex rocket science but I’d never thought of doing this before and it was delicious, so thought I’d share!

Papaya Boats

Serves 1-2

Fruity Papaya Boats


1 Papaya
Seeds of 2 small passion fruit
Seeds of 1 pomegranate


1. Slice papaya in half lengthways and scoop out seeds.
2. Fill holes with passion fruit and pomegranate seeds.




2 thoughts on “Recipe: Tortilla Pizza plus Papaya Boats

  1. You have amazing willpower!

    I like the boats. You’ve selected some really interesting fruit flavours to pair together.

    I prefer tortilla bases for pizza at home too. We always have tortillas at home so we’re almost always ready for pizza. While I have made dough from scratch, but I don’t feel like it is worth the extra effort for such a casual meal. Tortilla pizzas are just as yummy and they’re quick to cook. They only cost about 30 cents per pizza too.

    1. The boats were so tasty! The zingy-ness of the passion fruit and pomegranate seeds were such a great complement to the sweetness of the papaya.

      And how am I only now just noticing they were all ‘p’ fruits?!

      Tortilla bases are so easy (and you’re so right about the effort!) and I just like my pizzas with less bread. I didn’t really think about how much my meal would have cost but that’s such a good point!

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