Travel Bites: Carving and Carbs in Verbier, Switzerland

I recently went to Verbier, Switzerland for a staff trip to carve up the mountains with an awesome bunch of my colleagues.

To be honest, I expected the resort to be completely wanky as it sees the likes of the Royal Family, the Beckhams and the cast of Made in Chelsea parading its streets on its slopes each season. However, though we did see the odd Aston Martin convertible roar up the main street (yes, in a ski resort!), we went during one of the final weeks of season, so it was mostly full of seasonnaires (young staff) and was loads of fun!

Spring skiing is fantastic when you’re lucky and the snow is as good as it was and après is way more fun when you can sit outside in tank tops and sunnies!

My diet consisted of carbs and cheese (surprise, surprise!), the occasional vegetable, and beer and wine. Thank god we only went for 4 nights or I may have had to book two seats for my return flight…

Cheese Baguette
A typical ski lunch

We stayed in a catered chalet (breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner included) and as they knew we were staff, not ‘real’ guests, our meals were pretty average. To be fair, breakfast was good – delicious breads, croissants, cereals, fruit, yoghurt (I steered clear as couldn’t read the ingredients list) and hot options if you wanted them.

I didn’t really eat on the mountain but on the first day, I couldn’t resist getting a Kit Kat. I’ve been skiing since I was little and when we were kids, we used to get a mini Kit Kat for our ski jacket pockets each day, to eat after ski school. Feeling nostalgic, I grabbed myself one… but upgraded to big one seeing as I’m a big kid now.

Mountain Kit Kat

For lunch, we usually came back into town and just grabbed a sandwich as it was the easiest option in a resort full of swanky cafes serving fois gras (shudder), caviar, ribs and the like. Mmm… However, one afternoon after a big night out, we were craving revolting, greasy food and were delighted when we came across Harold’s burger bar, a cheap and cheerful little place in town. I was fully expecting to just order fries but amazingly, they had veggie burgers! In a ski resort! The burger itself was far from gourmet – a basic frozen veggie patty on a plain white bun with tomato, lettuce and cucumber (quite possibly vegan, in a ski resort!). If I’d ordered it any other day, I would have said it was a rather sub-par burger but when hungover and starving, it was pretty much the greatest thing in the world.

For some strange reason (definitely not due to the consumption of wine…) I never remembered to take a photo of my evening meals. All three (we arrived at 1am on the first night, so no meal) were actually vegan and all consisted of a carb, topped with vegetables. Night One was rice with vegetables, Night Two was noodles with vegetables and Night Three was chickpeas with vegetables. Not the most inventive meals (and I hate noodles so Night Two was a struggle) but the chickpea dish was actually rather tasty.

Overall, I didn’t struggle too much, though I think I would have been very sick of carbs and cheese if we’d stayed a full week!

Now because I am silly and didn’t take many pictures of the food for my, you know, food blog, here are some pretty pictures of snow!








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