Uno Anno!

Wow. I posted my first entry to More Than Greens one year ago today, which I still can’t quite believe. A whole year of eating, photographing and writing about veggie food, the veggie lifestyle and everything that goes with it.

I’ve really enjoyed the experience and I honestly believe that blogging has made me a better and more confident cook, baker and photographer, although I know I still have a long way to go! On top of that, I have fallen in love with writing all over again. Well, I’m not sure that I ever fell out of love, exactly, I perhaps just lost the spark. But this blog had brought it back and I couldn’t be happier about that.

I am in Italy at the moment, hopefully eating some gelato or a big bowl of pasta as this (scheduled) post uploads. But I couldn’t let the one year mark go by without saying a massive thank you to all of my followers and all those that like, comment on or share my posts. You all make me smile every single time that little orange icon appears at the top of my page.

Now, it’s not only been a year of developing my own blog but a year of discovering, enjoying and being inspired by all of yours. Thanks so much for sharing all of your stories, pictures, recipes and rants with me over the past year. I feel like I was really missing out all that time I was not blogging! So really, thanks!

Here’s to another great year!

Stay tuned for some Italian food porn.


20 thoughts on “Uno Anno!

  1. Happy Anniversary! I know how you feel about blogging – it has certainly had a big impact on my life too. Look forward to following you through the next year too!

  2. Happy Birthday to your lovely blog! I am loving it here & keep up with the lovely writing, pics & of course: fantastic foods! :) xxx

  3. Happy to have found your blog, and well done on your first year! I’m eager to hear about your Italian food experience — I’ll be blogging from Italy in a couple of months, myself!

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