Tofu Tuesday #2

So Tofu Tuesday #2 went quite well – in fact, it occurred to me that apart from yesterday’s splash of skinny milk in my coffee and a yoghurt-topped muesli bar, I have eaten entirely vegan since Sunday. This was not intentional and it made me realise that I probably eat vegan a lot more than I thought I did. Especially now that I’ve stopped constantly having some sort of cheese in the fridge at all times, in the vain hope of a skinnier healthier self. You see, I finally realised that the problem with buying cheese and putting it in the fridge was… I ate it.

What a revelation!

I just love cheese so much that it had become habit to buy it at the supermarket without even thinking about it. If I was trying to be ‘good’, I would buy the low-fat cheddar and pat myself on the back but when it came down to it, this rubbery stuff was just not as tasty, so I’d end up eating extra to feel satisfied, completely defeating the purpose of buying a low-fat version… Oops.


And as much as I like to think I can have quite good self control, when it comes to cheese, I fail. If it’s there, I will eat it. I will snack on it, I will plan my dinner to incorporate it, I will chuck it on my salad at lunch… That’s not to say I ate cheese daily but I definitely ate it several times a week in all its glorious variations. Now I only buy cheese if I know what I am using it for and if I can go without it or use a substitute in a recipe, I will.

But yes, I do miss it. A lot.

I don’t have a recipe for you tonight as I am a little ashamed to admit that I just had Linda McCartney sausages on bread for dinner… To be fair, I realised that Tuesday was probably not the best day for me to go vegan (then blog about it) as I play netball on Tuesday nights and don’t have time for proper dinners; I just have to grab whatever I can cook/eat quickly before heading out again. I guess I’ll just have to be more prepared in future. I actually do quite like Linda Mac’s veggie sausages (they beat Cauldron hands down – and they’re vegan!) but they’re hardly blog-inspiring.

For those wondering what else I ate on Tofu Tuesday, I had fruit salad and orange & mango juice for breakfast, dried fruit and a coffee with almond milk for morning tea, veggie-packed pasta for lunch, and fruit and a Nakd bar for afternoon tea. I don’t usually like chocolate-flavoured things (gasp!) but today I discovered that Nakd’s Cocoa Orange bar is amazing. Seriously.

I am going to do some more vegan baking this weekend to make my Tofu Tuesday snacks a little more exciting and may try to think up some good recipes for my quick Tuesday night meals. Suggestions gratefully received!

As I don’t have any photos of today’s food, here’s a random picture I took of some ducks during London’s last big snowfall. Can’t believe this was only a month ago!

Snow Ducks

10 thoughts on “Tofu Tuesday #2

  1. I like to make a bowl out of whatever’s left in the fridge. Today, I mixed finely chopped broccoli and red pepper into some hummus and served it with avocado and a splash of vinegar over some leftover cooked greens (normal people would use salad, but i hate salad). The combo is also good on a sandwich.
    Or leftoover beans, grains, greens mixed with some salsa or peanut sauce is yummy and quick too.

  2. Cheese is my weakness too! We had veggie sausages yesterday as well – I don’t usually think much of them, but the brand I have found is not bad (with fried onions in a hot dog bun!). Soup is always a good idea for quick meals and can be vegan – I sometimes make a big pot of it at the weekend and freeze some in portions.

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty fussy when it comes to veggie sausages too. I really need to start making my own soups! I love soup and you’re right – it would be a good quick option. Might go scour my cookbooks!

  3. Haha! We had Tofu Tuesday too. But unlike you, I much prefer Cauldron to LMc sausages. They are ok as a stopgap when the cauldon ones aren’t in Morries but for me, Cauldron ones win hands down, even though they aren’t vegan. At least they don’t have milk in only free range egg.

    Odd how we can have such different tastes eh? The Cauldron ones appear on the supermarket shelves and are gone by the next day. There were some vegideli sage and onion slices there too and a woman was umming and aahing about buying them. My partner said, if you leave it they will be gone tomorrow. He took two packs. They were gone the next day.

    I can totally live without cheese. Actually without all dairy products. My partner likes it sometimes, so he eats it. As and when. I just find it too sickly. If I make him a cheese sandwich, I might eat the crumbs, and that’s it.

    Anyway, our tofu meal – which I totally forgot to photograph too – was tofu casserole with onions, garlic, peas, broad beans, carrots and some vegan stock cube, with mashed potatoes. It was extremely yum, and the dog thought so too when he got what little was left with his breakfast.

    Don’t you use soya milk?

    1. It’s so weird how different people’s tastes can be! But it would be a pretty boring world if everyone liked the same things. Plus, we’re keeping the different companies in business. Haha!

      So funny how quickly the veg stuff sells out where you are! There’s always loads in my Sainsbury’s, though tofu always goes really quickly, which is annoying.

      I wish I didn’t like cheese. It’s definitely my biggest vice. (Well, that and coffee…)

      Your tofu meal sounds delicious! I didn’t realise until recently that not all veggie stock is vegan, so I’d better double-check mine before using it on Tofu Tuesdays!

      I really don’t like soy milk, even after much perseverance. I can have it in things where you can’t taste it, like baking (and for some reason, soy chai lattes) but hate it on my cereal or in my coffee. I just prefer almond milk, though I don’t like the way it kind of separates in my coffee. Yuck!

      1. I’ve just looked up Vegfest London. Looks like it’s going to be October 5th. Pity. There’s just no way we can make it.
        Hope you like the quiche. My kids love it, so it must be pretty good. They don’t tend to pull their punches with their assessments!

      2. Oh, that’s a shame. There’s also one in Bristol from May 24th-26th. If not, there’s always next year!

        The quiche looks so tasty and like you said, if it’s kid approved, it must be good! ;-)

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