Review: Soup, Glorious Soup!

I tend to go through phases of what I make/eat for lunch at work. In summer, I went through a rye bread open-sandwich phase then a salad wrap phase, then a falafel salad phase. Given the cooler weather of late, I naturally fell into a soup phase.

Not having a blender to create my own, I bought whatever was on special at the time, tending to go for the carton or pot soups over the cheap canned stuff. I ate supermarket brands occasionally and Convent Garden soups a lot… then I discovered Glorious! soups and I haven’t looked back since.

Glorious! soups don’t do your standard potato and leek or carrot and coriander; their flavours are a lot more exotic and within their “A-Z of Flavours”, there are a whole bunch of veggie options and a few vegan ones too! There’s the new Oriental Spiced Tomato, Moroccan Vegetable Harira and Fragrant Thai Carrot to name a few. My favourites all come from the ‘Skinny’ soup range, not because they are low in fat and low in calories (great as that is) but because I just happen to find them the most delicious (and most of the veggie options ore ‘Skinny’ anyway)! The New England Butternut Squash soup is smooth and tasty but I prefer the more exotic flavours like Goan Tomato & Lentil, Azteca and – my favourite – North African Spiced Vegetable.

I am not usually a fan of tomato soup as it is watery and often over-sweet but the Goan Tomato & Lentil is thick and chunky and deliciously spiced with paprika, turmeric, cumin and chilli. It’s a perfect boost on a rainy winter’s day and fantastic with warm, crusty bread.

The Azteca is a very interesting soup. I’ve never had Mexican soup before but this tastes just like tomato salsa, corn chips and spices blended into a soup… in a good way! It is chunky and has a nice mix of spices. If you’re looking for something a little different, perhaps even quirky is the word, then this soup is a winner.

Glorious Azteca

I am not a fan of regular mixed vegetable soups, purely because I’m not a fan of peas, canned corn or cooked carrot – all usually the main ingredients of store-bought vegetable soup. But the North African Spiced Vegetable soup is my favourite soup I have ever tried and not a canned corn kernal in site! The soup is a thick blend of root vegetables (parsnip, carrot and swede to name a few), along with apricot (trust me, it works!), low fat cream and an exotic mix of spices. I only hope it doesn’t stay as a ‘limited edition’ product!

Glorious North African

Usually retailing at around £1.99-£2.50 per pot, they are not the cheapest of soups on the market but a lot of stockists often have them on special. Each pot gives me two meals and for the interesting and tasty flavours, they are worth spending a little extra on.

Glorious! also make dips and pasta sauces, which I am yet to try but if they are anything like their soups then I can’t wait to do so!

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