Festival Food: Warped Tour 2013

A little while back I wrote about vegetarian food (or lack thereof) at festivals. With hit and miss experiences in the past, my main complaint was Warped Tour 2008 in Calgary where the only foods I could eat were crisps and lemonade ice blocks.

Well, yesterday I went to Warped Tour at London’s beautiful Alexandra Palace and I am pleased to report that Warped Tour UK is much friendlier to its vego friends!

There were a bunch of different food stands to choose from and yes, among these there may have been the meat-only Fine Burger Co. and Fine Chicken Co. but there was also The Flaming Cactus, selling both meat and veggie Mexican food and the fabulous Veggie Bar – an exclusively vegetarian food bar selling halloumi and roast veg pittas, ciabattas,  paella and rogan josh curry. Oh, and a coffee and muffins stand. Beat that, Calgary!

As my two festival buddies were also vegetarians, naturally The Veggie Bar was our first stop. We’re all quite boring as we all got the same thing so I can’t even show an array of pretty meat-free food but who can go past halloumi? I saw plenty of other people walking around with these little black trays though, proving the vegetarian food is definitely a welcome commodity at these events.

We followed these pittas up with a few paper cups full of Aspell cider, which is not only delicious but also vegan. Score!

For dinner, we all opted for the veggie burrito from The Flaming Cactus (which annoyingly, I forgot to snap a picture of but it was a cute little food caravan filled with Mexican goodness). They also sold vegetarian nachos but the burritos were much better value and although not the prettiest things in the world, they were pretty tasty and super filling!

Not the prettiest food but hey, it’s a festival…

So after jumping around to a great selection of bands, many of whom took me back to my youth, we left the festival with happy ears and happy tummies!


10 thoughts on “Festival Food: Warped Tour 2013

      1. I would have gone for the halloumi in pitta bread, but they had run out when I went at at about 3:30pm. You and your buddies must have had them all.

        PS: The skateboarding champoinship and demos were awesome!

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