The Delights of Duke of York Square’s Food Market

Yesterday proved autumn really has arrived in London with its cool, crisp air and bright sunshine. My favourite kind of weather! On days like this, I like to spend my time outdoors, so a friend and I headed to the Duke of York Square Market.

Located just off King’s Road in posh Chelsea, we wandered the stalls amongst hoards of yummy mummies, trendy couples, and London’s best dressed kids.

Started by upmarket food store Partridges in 2005, this weekly market gives independent and family-run businesses the opportunity to trade in this expensive area. The market offers everything from fancy cheeses to vegan baked goods to Peruvian cuisine. With so much tempting food on offer, it was incredibly hard to narrow down our choices for lunch.

The market entrance
They look like bread but were deliciously cookie-tasting!
Giant Meringues
Coconut water and hibiscus juice.
Very refreshing!
Rainforest Creations – Organic, raw cuisine
Bready goodness
Weed cheese?!
So many delicious cake stalls
Vegan Creole baked goods stall
Vegan Fruit Breads – I bought banana. Yum!
Veggie Goodness
Veggie Strudels
Matt had the red cabbage and ricotta.
I had the pumpkin and soft cheese

Autumn, you are definitely my favourite season.


14 thoughts on “The Delights of Duke of York Square’s Food Market

  1. Oh my! I am obsessed with food markets and after seeing your amazing photos will definitely need to check this one out.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! x

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