Sweet Potato and Avocado Burgers

I have tried and tested many different veggie burgers over the years. Some good, some bad. From portobello mushrooms, to lentil and nut patties, to those horrible frozen patties with peas and corn in them, veggie burgers are the vegetarian staple on most meat-centric restaurant menus. They are what you are served at a meaty barbecue. They are one of the few options for your 3am alcohol-fuelled fatty-food run.

This can mean that as a vegetarian, you get incredibly sick of them and start thinking of veggie burgers as the devil of the vegetarian world. But don’t let yourself get disheartened; there are many veggie burgers out there as similar to a frozen-patty burger as they are to a tennis ball. You don’t need to go to GBK to have a gourmet veggie burger, you just need Google!

So the other night when I went to Matt’s for dinner, we made these:

Sweet Potato and Avocado Burgers

Matt discovered them on the Healthy. Happy. Life. website, a 100% vegan recipe site. As soon as I saw the first photo on the recipe page, I was in.

We halved the recipe and made three large patties. They recipe was super-easy but pretty messy; I think we went a bit wrong on the measuring of the breadcrumbs as our patties were really wet. But they held together perfectly whilst frying and only fell apart as we ate the burgers. But who cares? A non-messy burger is no fun! The tahini was quite strong so I think if I made these again, I would add more seasoning to give the burgers more of a kick. I am not a fan of mustard, so skipped that part of the burger construction but Matt made a beetroot and feta dip which he put on his burger (obviously ruining the vegan part there!) and I had mine as a side. To keep it vegan, plain beetroot would work perfectly well on these burgers, or even a sweet chilli sauce could be delicious.

Here is more of our handiwork:

Messy, messy, messy!
We probably should have added more breadcrumbs or flour to make these less wet but don’t they look pretty?
Gettin’ our fry on! You can also bake the patties for a healthier alternative.
Ta da!
We used red onion for the milder, sweeter flavour.
Matt’s Burger – slightly ‘char-grilled’.
Served with a white wine spritzer. Delicious!

12 thoughts on “Sweet Potato and Avocado Burgers

  1. These look spectacular. As a vegetarian, I, too, am terribly sick of frozen patties. And being forced to eat them at various restaurants because that’s all they can muster for us non-meat eaters! Cannot wait to try this out.

  2. Love that recipe…I have 5 sweet potatoes sitting on my counter and no good plan. I love the idea of homemade veggie burgers but have never tried…will give it a shot! And thanks for stopping by my blog too :) Love yours, especially love the template (and content too!). I just went basic with my blog and wish I had found a more interesting one.

    1. They were a lot of fun to make. Messy but fun! Let me know how yours go if you do end up making them.

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my blog! Sometimes simple works well and I like the green-ness of your header. Though I did read your brother may be sorting out a new one for you, so good luck with it. =)

  3. […] Matt and I both love cooking and we love awesome cookbooks. We also both love a really good veggie burger. I’m not talking those cheap frozen patties stuffed with peas, corn and carrot. Yuck. Even an unimaginative goat’s cheese burger fails to impress me nowadays. I need something more inventive, more interesting and more substantial. These burgers do exist in the veggie burger world but I’d never really made my own beyond using a Portobello mushroom as a patty and one fairly successful attempt at sweet potato burgers. […]

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