Baby Bear on Tree

Bricks for Bears: Giving Feels Good

I thought I’d do a quick post about WSPA‘s Bricks for Bears cause that I have just donated to.

Baby Bear on Tree

Donating to charity is something I wish I could say I do more often. I sponsor my friends when they run a marathon, donate when they host a charity event and buy the occassional wristband or pin at the check-out but just donating of my own accord is something I never think I have the money to do. Often thinking of myself as a charity case when I can’t afford to go the pub with my friends is not exactly something I am proud of but it happens.

When the Bricks for Bears campaign popped up on my facebook news feed, it really grabbed me. I felt sad when I saw bears in an enclosure outside Cesky Krumlov Castle a few days ago but I felt horrible when I read about the Romanian Brown Bears. The bears are kept illegally, in cages so small they can barely move a few feet. They have never felt grass under their feet. They cannot climb, dig, swim or even hibernate – all natural behaviours for bears. Bears have been known to self mutilate, chewing through their own fur and flesh. Some rock back and forth in their cages. Both disturbingly human reactions to being enclosed and maltreated.

WSPA has built a sanctuary (as these bears would no longer be able to survive in the wild) that provides a similar environment to their natural habitat and will free the final 25 bears in illegal captivity. The WSPA website explains:

“The final enclosure in Romania will include two fresh water pools and will cover 8 hectares (nearly 20 acres) of forest and meadowland. This is about the size of 8 international rugby pitches. WSPA is also funding the construction of a perimeter access road and the installation of CCTV to aid security and maintenance at the sanctuary.”

It’s impossible to say that one charity is more important, more worthy or ‘better’ than another and I am not saying everyone should donate to this cause (thought it would be wonderful if everyone did!) but ever since I was a kid, animal related charities have always hit closer to heart with with me. It feels good to donate to a cause you really believe in instead of just reading about it, feeling a bit sad, then closing the webpage or leaflet and thinking it’s okay because other people will donate…

I may not be able to afford to give as much or as often as I would like but donating sometimes is better than donating never. And besides, what is $10 in the grand scheme of things? One less glass of wine on Friday night?

So I bought a brick. In fact, I bought two.

Bricks for Bears 2


2 thoughts on “Bricks for Bears: Giving Feels Good

  1. I absolutely love this. As an animal lover (like you!), this really speaks to my heart. Each month, I donate $25–$50 to a charity (usually animal-related). This will be my August donation! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. You’re very welcome! I’m so happy that I inspired someone else to donate. =)

      As I said, I don’t expect everyone to want to donate to the same causes as me but like you, this one really touched me so I wanted to share it with as many people as possible!

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