Recipe: Warm Chickpea Salad with Feta

I wanted something healthy but filling for dinner. I knew I had a can of chickpeas in the pantry (a staple on a vegetarian’s shelf) and a few veggies left in the crisper. Chickpea salad sprang to mind.

I was a bit wary having never made one before but I do love trying new dishes so after a super-quick Google search, I came across this recipe on the BBC Good Food website that looked just delicious enough and simple enough for a first-timer. (Where ‘red onion’ is listed a second time, it is meant to be ‘red pepper’. How that has not been amended over the years, I have no idea!) I didn’t follow the recipe exactly (surprise, surprise…) and adapted it to suit my pantry/fridge. Here’s my amendments:

  • I made a smaller version, so obviously had less of everything but didn’t halve it exactly – just threw in whatever measure of the veg I had and didn’t use an entire can of chickpeas as it seemed too much
  • I used baby plum tomatoes instead of full-size as I like their sweetness
  • I used fresh coriander as my herb (not to everyone’s taste but I love it)
  • I added asparagus stalks – added to oven in last 10 minutes of cooking time
  • I added garlic, chopped finely – added to oven in last 10 minutes of cooking time
  • I used a blend of olive and palm oils for the dressing for a richer taste

This salad was delicious served with warm wholemeal pita and I’m sure it would make a delicious cold lunch salad. Pity I ate it all…


5 thoughts on “Recipe: Warm Chickpea Salad with Feta

  1. I love Toblerone! Whenever we visited Switserland, we would buy larger packets of them but not so heavy! :) Your chickpea salad is a winner!

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