GoodLife Vegetarian Sausages – Deliciously Non-Meaty Meals

I’m not a fan of those processed vegetarian foods that try to be meat. I don’t want to eat fake bacon or fake chicken any more than I want to eat the real stuff. But I do like to have something stashed in the freezer for those nights where I just really don’t feel up to cooking from scratch, my vegetable drawer is looking a little desolate, or I have very limited time to cook and eat.

That’s where vegetarian sausages come in. I don’t find them ‘meaty’ at all – they are just logs of soy and vegetable protein, usually flavoured with a variety of herbs and spices.

There is a massive range out there (particularly here in the UK) and I have tried and tested loads. Of course, there are the good and the bad. I don’t like any of the Quorn products because they try to be meat; Quorn is even marketed as a low-fat alternative to meat, rather than a vegetarian product. There is nothing wrong with that as I know not everyone is a vegetarian for moral reasons, it’s just not for me. Neither are their sausages.

I do like both the Cauldron and Linda McCartney sausages as an emergency meal but they aren’t amazing. I tend to load mine with BBQ sauce for more flavour and they go chewy if overcooked. The Cauldron sausages contain egg, so aren’t vegan friendly.

But the other night, I discovered my new favourite – Goodlife Glamorgan Sausages.

Made with leek, onion and cauliflower, these little guys are not at all meat-like. They are lightly crumbed so when cooked, get crispy on the outside but stay light and fluffy on the inside. The sausages are either grilled or oven roasted, so they’re much healthier than frying up a fat-filled meaty sausage in an oily pan. They are quite a bit smaller than regular sausages, so depending on how you’re serving them, you’d need at least two or three to fill you up. Essentially, the only thing making them a sausage is their shape. But who cares? They’re delicious!

The packet suggests pairing the sausages with a veggie shepherd’s or cottage pie as an alternative to mash, or dropping them in some batter to make toad in the hole. I kept it simple and just ate mine with steamed courgette, asparagus and broccoli. Simple yet delicious.

They taste better than they look!

The Goodlife brand is both Vegetarian and Vegan Society approved, the product range is made with all natural ingredients, and by buying Goodlife products you are supporting their work with the World Land Trust in Borneo, preserving orang-utan habitats. This makes me happy.

Seeing as it’s Saturday night and I’m still feeling the effects of last night’s farewell party for a friend, I am not up to cooking properly. Thankfully, my freezer is well-stocked so I know what will be on my plate soon!

7 thoughts on “GoodLife Vegetarian Sausages – Deliciously Non-Meaty Meals

  1. They sound great! I think I remember using some Goodlife products back when I was in the UK. Here in Gib it is either rubber Quorn, frozen Linda Mc, or Cauldron. Cauldron easily wins there.

    I never ate quorn in early days but once they started using free range egg I gave it a try. Didn’t know it was marketed as low fat meat alternative though. Here in Gibraltar at Morrisons, both fresh and frozen are in the meat-free/vegetarian sections of the food aisles. I don’t eat it because I’m craving for meat after more than 20 years. It’s like your reason for the sausages. Something different and I don’t need to think too hard. We all have days like that, and that’s when those products come in handy.

    1. Yep, they’re really good. I’ve also tried Goodlife nut cutlets, which were pretty yummy. But second choice for sausages is definitely Cauldron. My friend really loves the Linda McCartney stuff but I’m not a massive fan.

      Quorn is in the vegetarian sections of the supermarkets here too but they have ads on TV that are all about switching meat for Quorn in spaghetti bolognese, cottage pie etc for a healthier, low-fat alternative and the slogan is “your favourite meals made healthier” – nothing about vegetarianism. The low-fat thing is the main theme on their website too. I guess it’s to increase their customer base from vegetarians only but not sure if avid meat eaters would want to eat fake meat any more than strict vegetarians! That said, they do have a HUGE product range compared to other ‘meat alternative’ brands, so there probably is something for everyone.

  2. Sounds good! I like to use some “substitutes” — but I’m picky! Too many have ingredient lists that read like a chem lab shelf. Not a good match with being a vegetarian in my book! Thanks for the recommend. I’ll see if they have this brand in the States. :-)

  3. We are omnivores at our house, so the concept of eating fake meat has baffled me for a long time. If I don’t want to eat meat for dinner, then I simply don’t eat meat for dinner. Thanks for posting this, so I know there are vegetarians out there just as baffled as I am! :) These sausages sound yummy (love leeks!), but like Lindsay, I am in the States and probably won’t be able to find them.

    1. Perhaps it appeals to people that give up meat for health reasons but still like the taste? I don’t know. But when I first became vegetarian, I didn’t really know how to cook, so I needed a ‘main’ to go with my veg, which is where vegetarian sausages and ‘schnitzels’ came in but I was still never one for the fake bacon slices or turkey strips. Yuck!

      Hopefully they have something similar in the US! Don’t know what I will do when I go home to Australia… Though the Goodlife website does give a bit of a recipe (tells you the ingredients but not how much of each thing, or the exact method) so perhaps one day I will attempt to make some for myself!

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