Off to Austria to Eat Me Some Carbs

Tomorrow I am off to Ischgl in the Austrian Alps for a week. I work for a ski travel agency and this is annual our end of season staff trip (amazing, right?!). I love skiing and I’m so excited for the trip as it’s an absolutely wicked week of debauchery fun.

But I am not very excited for the food.

I have not been to the Austrian Alps before but I have been to other parts of Austria and I have been to the French Alps, so I imagine the food situation will be much the same – I will be eating a diet consisting almost entirely of bread, potatoes and cheese for a whole week. Joy.

Now, I do like all three of those things. In fact, I love all three of those things! Particularly cheese. Mmm, cheese… Just not for three meals a day, for 7 days, accompanied by copious amounts of beer and wine… I do not feel healthy at the end of the week!

We are staying in a catered chalet, so hopefully a few extra vegetables will sneak their way in to my evening meals but judging by previous years, I won’t hold my breath. The food can be tasty but it’s just oh, so stodgy; carbs, carbs and more carbs.

Lunch on the mountain is particularly difficult. I might be lucky once or twice to find a vegetable soup as an option but generally for me and any other vegos on the mountain, lunch is either bread or fries. Or bread filled with fries, or bread with a side of fries, or… you get it.

For dinner tonight I ate a massive veggie stirfry trying to get my weekly quota in one meal. Lunch at the airport tomorrow will be a salad that will probably cost me about £15 but who cares? There will be green in it!

So I will not be posting for a week but I will try and take some photos of my oh-so-delicious bread and potatoes to post upon my return. And I will likely be writing my next post with an extra 5kg propping up the keyboard…

My diet for the next week. Deliciously fattening.

2 thoughts on “Off to Austria to Eat Me Some Carbs

  1. I must say the one thing that I regret about being a vegetarian is missing out on the local foods (a big part of the travelling no?). Glad your meals weren’t as bad as you thought.

    1. Yeah, me too. I definitely agree that it’s part of the travel experience! I feel silly ordering pasta in every single country… I usually settle for trying the local alcohol instead. ;-)

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