Mmm, ‘Real’ Food…

I was looking through my photos from last summer and have decided that I definitely need to go back to the Real Food Markets at Southbank Centre pronto. Here are two of the main reasons:

1. Vegan Fruit Breads


2. Vegan Cupcakes


Amaze! Okay, so there are other great (non-sweet) foods there but for some odd reason, these just stick out in my mind…

The food at the markets is not all vegan or vegetarian but there is definitely enough meat-free cuisine to fill me up. I don’t remember what I had for lunch that day (too many thoughts of vegan cupcakes overtaking my brain) but it was likely something Turkish or Indian. Yum. Why go to McDonald’s or Starbucks when you can buy delicious, cheap street food and support independent producers in the process?

And if it’s sunny, you can always pop across to the riverside and enjoy a gelato by the water…


15 thoughts on “Mmm, ‘Real’ Food…

  1. […] I decided to make the most of my Sunday by heading down to the Southbank. As you may remember from previous gushing, Southbank in London is home to one of my favourite food markets of all time – the Real Food […]

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