Gotta Love Getting Nakd – My Favourite New Snack Bars!

I am currently addicted to nākd bars from Natural Balance Foods. They are lovely little bars of all-natural fruit and nut deliciousness. They’re 100% vegan, as well as gluten and wheat free, so pretty much anyone can get in on the enjoyment (except those that suffer from nut allergies… I feel sad for you).

The bars have no added sugars or syrups, they are just – to quote the official website – “smooshed together” with yummy, sticky dates.

Unfortunately, my local Tesco only sells three of the seven flavours – Pecan Pie, Cashew Cookie and Cocoa Orange. My favourite is definitely the Pecan Pie (Ingredients: Dates 52%, Pecans 28%, Almonds 20% – that’s it!) but the Cashew Cookie is pretty delicious too. I can’t comment on the Cocoa Orange as I’m not a fan of cocoa, so haven’t tried it but I imagine if you’re a bit of chocoholic, it would also be delish.

I am that addicted to these little morsels, that I even checked out the official website, in hope of buying more flavours and perhaps saving money by buying a whole box full of goodness but oddly, it is more expensive to buy them in bulk and that’s not even taking postage into account!

I suppose the only other bad thing about them is they sort of resemble little rectangular poos. And if you ate too many of them, they’d probably make you need to, you know… create a replica.

But the most important factor is definitely taste and for something so healthy, they are scrumptious! They’re perfect for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack and they taste naughty, which for some reason, makes them just a little more satisfying. When Googling the bars, I discovered people getting creative and breaking them up over ice-cream, in yoghurt, porridge… you name it! Genius. One guy even deep-fried his but for me, that kind of defeats the purpose of the healthy snack.

I could probably ramble for another few paragraphs about the greatness of these treats but I imagine that would start to get a bit tedious. Besides, it’s afternoon tea time – I wonder if nākd bars are suitable for dunking…



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